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The organisation chart of EOSE has evolved through with the enlarging and widening of the scope and remit of EOSE. Indeed the current EOSE’s organisational structure was developed to ensure the most efficient leading of the activities carried out and is based on different levels of responsibilities and expertise.

Each individuals involved brings with him/her a multitude of experience, skills and knowledge in line with the activities carried out by the organisation. The various backgrounds of the people involved within EOSE have always allow the organisation to get a very precise and developed knowledge of the whole sector, but also a clear understanding of its needs, realities, opportunities and challenges. Altogether, this highly contributes to contribute to the legitimacy of the organisation.



“The diversity in EOSE’s profile of stakeholders indicates quite clearly the global appeal that the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment has among policy-makers. I personally know that this is the result of hard work and resilience but also of a vision which very often exceeds that in other sectors of training and employment.”

Dr Joachim James Calleja, Director of CEDEFOP

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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