Contribution of sport to emplyability

Déclics Sportifs

  • Organisation: Agence pour l’Education par le Sport (APELS)
  • Theme: Contribution of Sport to Employability
  • When: Since 2016
  • Scope: France

Topic: Validation of non-formal and informal learning / Awareness raising campaign / Guidance towards recognition & assessment of skills / Sport and Employability

Sector: Generic / Youth / Sport oriented

Funding: Française de jeux (FDJ) + Own Endowment Fund

Context: APELS, the Agency for Education through Sport, has been committed for 20 years to the development of a more inclusive society through social innovation and education through sport. Invested in young people, this non for profit association supports and accompanies more than 6700 initiatives to promote their social and professional integration.

Brief description of the initiative (aim and activities): Déclics Sportifs is the 1st national program for the detection, training and integration of young people from sports clubs in partner companies.

Sports associations are a formidable pool of untapped talent. They allow young people to transfer the social and human qualities developed in sport to the world of business.

Déclics Sportifs” movement promotes social and professional integration through job experience. In this program the APELS offers to young people young people who distinguish themselves in their sports club the opportunity to experience a total immersion in the world of work through various internships in business.  This initiative offers to follow appropriate training and take their first steps in business.

This operational preparation for employment consists of 3 courses. The first two, for a total duration of 3 weeks, depend mainly on the APELS. This first phase is based on pedagogical objectives. It is a preparation for employment and allows young people to be confident. The second part introduces young people to business life by including them completely in the operational execution of tasks.

These internships have the following objectives:

- Discover the world of work by immersion in the life of the company,

- Learn to evolve socially and professionally within a company

- Accompany their professional development

Target: Young people from 18 to 35 years, practicing a physical activity or sport and wishing to enter the job market.

Main results: In 2017, there was 15 promotions and nearly 200 young people participated in the program with 70% of CDI (long term contract) signed at the end of the training course.

Factors of success:

  • Concrete immersion in the world of business: A year of experience through a signed “Contrat de Professionalisation”
  • Strong partnership: LCL and Crédit Agricole, the French Association of Banks (AFB), local sport clubs and APELS


Barriers overcome: -


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