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SPORT-AGENTS – Study on Sport Agents in the European Union

  • Promoter: KEA-Kern European Affairs
  • Duration: 9 months (01/01/2009 to 01/10/2010)
  • Partnership: Consortium of 3 organisations: KEA, CDES and EOSE
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          Etude sur les agents sportifs dans l’Union Européenne

-          Study on sport agents in the European Union

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T4V – TRAINING 4 VOLUNTEERS – Mapping Strategies and Good Practices of Human Resource Development for Volunteers in Sports Organisations in Europe

  • Promoter: Leadership Academy of the German Olympic Sports Confederation
  • Duration: 18 months (01/01/2011 to 30/06/2011)
  • Partnership: 7 National and 3 European Organisations
  • Scope: Sport Volunteers

-          The T4V Project’s Report

-          The T4V Project’s Theoretical framework of human resource development for volunteers

-          The T4V Project’s Visual representation of the Human Resource Development Cycle

See also the website: www.t4v.eu

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VOCASPORT – Vocational Education and Training related to Sports in Europe: Situation, Trends and Perpectives

  • Promoter: Consortium: EOSE - ENSSEE - EZUS Lyon
  • Duration: 7 months (01/01/2004 to 31/07/2004)
  • Partnership: Correspondents from the 25 EU Countries
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          Final Report “Improving employment in the field of sport in Europe through vocational training”

-          Rapport final « Améliorer l’emploi dans le domaine du sport en Europe par la formation professionnelle »

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VSPORT+ – A cross-sectoral Valorisation Framework for the Lifelong Learning Strategy in Sport

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 29 months (01/11/2011 to 31/03/2014)
  • Partnership: 16 National Ambassadors
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-            The Flyer provides a brief introduction to the key themes and objectives of the project.

-            The Leaflet outlines the key themes and objectives of the project and the main benefits to stakeholders.

-          The Brochure gives a detailed description of the key themes and objectives and provides an in depth explanation of the Lifelong Learning Strategy concept, its benefits to stakeholders and how it can be implemented

-          The Cross Sectoral Valorisation Framework is the European final report and as such can be considered as the main outcomes of the VSPORT+ project.

-          The Executive Summary of the European final report (available in English, French, German and Spanish).


Translated versions for the flyer, leaflet and brochure (Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Hungarian,

Italian, Latvian, Cypriot, Slovak and Spanish) also available:

visit the project website: www.vsportplus.eu

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