LearningA process by which an individual assimilates information, ideas and values and thus acquires knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences.
ApprentissageProcessus dans lequel un individu assimile de l’information, des idées et des valeurs et acquiert ainsi des savoirs, savoir-faire, aptitudes et/ou compétences.
LernenProzess, in dem eine Person Informationen, Ideen und Werte aufnimmt und sich auf diese Weise Wissen, Know-how, Fähigkeiten und/oder Kompetenzen aneignet.
ApprendimentoProcesso grazie ail quale un individuo assimila informazioni, idee e valori e quindi acquisisce conoscenze, know-how, abilità e/o competenze.
AprendizagemProcesso pelo qual os indivíduos assimilam ideias e valores e adquirem conhecimentos, capacidades e competências.


Related term(s):  Formal learning, informal learning, learning by doing, learning by using, non-formal learning

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