Honorary Members


EOSE’s Honorary members are individuals with a record of high achievements and significant contributions to the development of EOSE and the field of Sport and Employment in Europe.
Thanks to their priceless support and help, EOSE has evolved and become a recognised organisation in the sector.
We could not have been where we are now without them and EOSE will keep growing under their watchful eyes.

Here below you can find out about EOSE’s Honorary members.


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Jean Camy

Jean Camy

  • Professor emeritus, University Lyon 1
  • French

Prof. Jean Camy has been one of the founder of EOSE and its first President (from 2002 to 2006). Prof. Jean Camy has not only contributed as a sociologist observing and analysing sport activities and organisations for forty years, as a “specialist” in human resource management in sport organisations but he also has strong practical experience of governance having chaired several French and European non-profit sport-related organisations. A mix of expertise, skills and competencies that simply brought EOSE to the next level.

He is the initiator of the European Master of Sports Organisation Management (MEMOS).

Major involvement with EOSE: President of EOSE (2002-2006), Leader of the VOCASPORT study.

Allan Pilington

Allan Pilkington

  • CEO, APCO Consulting
  • British

After training as a Physical Educator Allan taught and lectured in England, Australia and New Zealand before returning to the UK in 1977 where he continued to work in further and higher education before moving to the private sector specialising in training for the Sport and Active Leisure Sector representing Education on the Fitness Industry Association Board.

Allan was seconded to The Sector Skills Council (SPRITO) as a Director of Operations in 1995. He took over as CEO in 2003. Allan returned to the role of independent worker in 2006 working as a consultant.

In 2001 Allan was appointed President of European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA). Allan was appointed Adviser to the Board and Chair of the Standards Council when he stepped down as President in 2007. He was a Board member of EOSE The European Observatoire of Sports Employment from 2003 to 2006 and was then a member of the EOSE Management Group and Head of Project Development until 2009. Allan was also a Board Member of EASE the European Association of Sports Employers and a member of the ESWDA European Sport Workforces Development Alliance during this time.

Major involvement with EOSE: EOSE Board member (2003-2006), VOCASPORT study


Stephen STUDD

  • Director of development at EOSE Services
  • British

Major involvement with EOSE: EOSE President (Board member (2007-2012), Executive Board Member (as Past President, 2013-2014) 

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