EOSE’s network of Associates is made up of experts considered as authorities on their own field and in their own country.

Thanks to the wide variety of profiles it allows EOSE to break down barriers between different professional fields in order to build a collective expertise on sport as a societal fact while being a relevant and legitimate source of knowledge and strategic facilitator to support the development of Sport and Active Leisure including employment, sports systems, developing standards, competence, qualifications and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Here below you can find out about EOSE’s asssociates.

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Jean-Louis Gouju

Jean-Louis GOUJU

  • Scientific advisor, GAREF
  • French

Jean Louis Gouju is currently scientific advisor to the French Ministry of High Education on the issues of education, training and employment.

He holds a PhD on the competence analysis in the sport system and has occupied several positions including vice president of the deans of the sport’s science faculties of France till 2006 and the Secretary General of CAFEMAS (French Analysis Centre of training, employment and profession in sport and active leisure ) till July 2013.

Jean-Louis established some strong relationship at the national and EU level with key stakeholders of the sector and conducted several researches and focus groups in the field of sport.

Major areas of interest and expertise: ‘European Qualification Framework’, ‘Professional training and certification in sport’ and ‘Skills development in the sport and active leisure sector’.

Nicos Kartakoulis


  • Vice President for Development, University of Nicosia
  • Cypriot

Dr. Nicos L. Kartakoullis is a Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Sport Management at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. He is the Head of the Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Management and Vice President for Development and University Relations.

Having graduated with a BSc in Health/Physical Education and Human Performance from the Michigan State University he then obtained a MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the University of Leicester. He holds a PhD in Sports Management, from the University of Southampton.

He served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Sport Oganisation. His career has included senior positions in academic institutions, Government, national and international sport organizations and research institutes.

Major involvement with EOSE: National Ambassador in VSPORT+ project.



  • Sociologist
  • Portugese

Cristina is a sociologist working in the Portuguese National Sport Authority (NSA) for several years.

Having graduated from ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) with a Sociology degree, she attended the Masters in Communication, Culture and Information Technology and is currently doing her PHD in Sociology in the same University.

Cristina joined IPDJ, IP (the portuguese NSA) in 1997, working in the Training and Qualification Department were she have been involved in the development, coordination and operation of programs and projects of research and development in the sport sector, in particular related with vocational education and training in sport and women and sport. She also have worked in Faculty of Human Kinetics (FMH) – Technical University of Lisbon as a Teaching Assistant of Sociology of Sport.

Major involvement with EOSE: EQF-Sport project, LLL-Sport project; ALL for SPORT for ALL project

Mairit Pellinen


  • International coordinator, HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Sport Institute of Finland
  • Finland

Mairit Pellinen is currently working as the International coordinator for the Sport Institute of Finland and the HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences. She holds a Master of Sciences in Physical Education from the University of Jyväskylä, Specialist Qualification in Management and a vocational qualification for sport instructor.

Graduated from the University of Jyväskylä in 1988, Mairit’s work experience includes working for the Sport Federation, several Finnish Municipalities and the Private sector.

Major involvement with EOSE: VSport+ project, Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport in Europe,  CLO2 project.


George PIGOS

  • Department Manager of Sport Unites at the General Secretariat of Sport in Greec
  • Greek

Dr. George Pigos is Department Manager of Sport Unites at the General Secretariat of Sport in Greece. The Sports Unities Department is responsible for: the sport recognition in Sports Clubs, Associations and Federations as well as the registration and evaluation of sports Federations and sports associations regarding their sporting activity.

He holds a Ph.D. in Biomechanics/Kinisiology from the University of Liverpool, Faculty of Medicine)


 Major involvement with EOSE: Leading the National Stakeholders Group and the research in Greece for the ESSA-Sport project

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  • Lecturer and Researcher on Sport Management at the National Sports Academy
  • Bulgarian

Ivan Slavchev is Lecturer and Researcher on Sport Management at the National Sports Academy. He has been Assistant in Department of Sports Management at the National Sports Academy since February 2009 and is a sports referee in track and field since 2002.

In 2007 he graduated as a bachelor in Physical therapy with second major Physical Education and additional major Sports Journalism.


 Major involvement with EOSE: Leading the National Stakeholders Group and the research in Bulgaria for the ESSA-Sport project, Leader of the WP7 on Guide to Sustainability for the S2A-Sport project

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