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Since its creation EOSE has been involved in more than 52 EU funded projects whether as a promoter or as a partner. However, EOSE is also working under other contracts and has developed other activities.

Indeed since June 2012, EOSE has embarked on project work with a number of international partners, who share an international vision to develop the skills and potential of those working to deliver aspects of sport and active leisure across the world, based on sharing good practice and learning from others. To enable it to work internationally EOSE formed a sister organisation, EOSE Services to act on its behalf which also allows EOSE to undertake bespoke consultancy work.

Here below you can find out more about EOSE’s other activities.



Working towards new standards for sport management in the UK

  • Promoter: CIMPSA
  • EOSE role: Author
  • Duration: 2017
  • Scope: Sport management in the UK

During 2017, EOSE was asked by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) to support two major pieces of work:
1. the application process for individuals to become Chartered Members of the Institute,
2. the development of Professional Standards for sports management in the UK.

These new standards will inform all education and training in sport management in the UK and are written to reflect the reality of management occupations in the UK sports industry.

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Equivalency and mapping report: looking at first aid and medical education courses from around the world

  • Promoter: World Rugby
  • EOSE role: Author
  • Duration: 2017
  • Scope: Rugby

EOSE was commissioned by World Rugby, the global federation for rugby, to support the work of their Pitch Side Medical Education Working Group.
Specifically EOSE was tasked with carrying out an equivalency and mapping project to look at first aid and medical education courses from around the world and map them to the World Rugby suite of medical courses to produce a list of equivalent courses. This piece of work will help medically trained individuals to be recognised in rugby and will help national rugby federations around the world with the identification of suitably qualified individuals in the medical area.


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Impact assesment reports for the ading advisor on the provision of golf for the physically, intellectually and visually impaired.

  • Promoter: European Disabled Golf Association - EDGA
  • EOSE role: Author
  • Duration: 2016-2017
  • Scope: Disabled Golf in Europe

The European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) is a leading advisor on the provision of golf for the physically, intellectually and visually impaired.

During 2016-2017, EOSE was commissioned by the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) to support two major pieces of work:
1. An impact survey report on the effect of Rule 14-1b on Golfers with Neurological Disease;
2. An organisational and governance review.

EDGA wished to satisfy itself that it meets all organisational and governance best practice for a European sport association of its kind and is well placed to apply for future funding and develop as an organisation.

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Research report: Benefit to sport in the UK from participation in European Union Erasmus+ funding programme

  • Promoter: Sports Think Tank
  • EOSE role: Author
  • Duration: 2016
  • Scope: United Kingdom

Following the referendum in June the concept of Brexit and what it could mean to the UK has been much debated. As we move towards the triggering of Article 50 and kick starting Brexit negotiations, it is important that the UK sport sector has a clear picture of the level of funding it receives from the EU and can seek to retain that level of funding, either through continued participation in EU programmes or through equivalent funding at the national level.

Developed by EOSE the document reports on Erasmus+ funding for UK sport organisations. Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport, worth €14.7 billion over seven years from 2014 – 2020. The report lists various projects and the funding attached to them.

  • Erasmus+ and the Uk Sport Sector

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Review and development of occupational standards for the sport and fitness sectors in Saudi Arabia

  • Promoter: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Duration: 2012 – ongoing
  • Scope: Sport and Fitness Sectors

As part of the review and development of occupational standards for the sport and fitness sectors as part of a process to establish a new vocational training system in Saudi Arabia spanning all industries, EOSE was appointed as specialist sub-contractor to GIZ, for phase 1 (2012/13) and to SQA – Scottish Qualifications Authority (2014) for the second phase of this major programme to develop standards working directly with employers in Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Government.

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Establishment and operation of a Register of Exercise Professionals in the United Arab Emirates

  • Promoter: REPs UAE
  • Duration: 2012 – ongoing
  • Scope: Exercise Professionals

EOSE was engaged by Infinity Sports Management to provide technical support to establish and operate the Register of Exercise Professionals in the United Arab Emirates (REPs UAE). It is now a legal requirement for all instructors to be registered. Using its expertise and experience in standards development and Register operation, EOSE Services has helped Infinity establish the Register as a full member of ICREPS and part of the global fitness industry.

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