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EOSE is an international not-for-profit organisation with the goal to enhance the knowledge on global development, employment and training in the sport and sport related sectors.


EOSE Vision for the sector has been defined as such by its members : “A sport and physical activity sector that fulfils its social, health and economic potential in Europe and its member states”

EOSE Vision Statement is “by 2020, to be a sustainable, independent, non-profit civil society network and expert association acting as a focus for skills and workforce development in the sport and physical activity sector across Europe”.
The Mission of EOSE is “to facilitate and support the development of the sport and physical activity sector workforce, in bringing education and employment together, to ensure people working and volunteering have the skills and competences to perform and thereby to enable the sector to fulfil its potential”. Our mission is therefore highly relevant to a number of EU policy priorities. Whilst EOSE is NOT a lobby organisation it can through its expertise be influential on behalf of the Sector and its Members at a European level.


EOSE activity responds to the fact that it is becoming more and more important for the sport policy makers, the sport industry and the training providers of each country to have a better understanding of the real needs of the labour market and also changes affecting that market. The end goal of the activities of EOSE in the sector is to unlock the potential of sport and leisure and enhance its contribution to society as a whole while creating the conditions to develop a competent workforce (both paid and unpaid) with the right skills through fit for purpose qualifications and/or course.


To reach this goal, we consider the following elements as central

  • Transfer of knowledge and good practices.

  • Studies and mapping of the sector and its stakeholders to get a sound knowledge of its needs and anticipate future trends.

  • Development of harmonised methods of data collection and data treatments.

  • Awareness raising that support the dissemination of the results of these activities.

Faced with challenges such as intensified global competition, high numbers of low-skilled workers and an ageing population, initial education, vocational education and training (VET), lifelong learning (LLL) are vital to prepare individuals for today’s society and ensure its future competitiveness and innovation.

Sport and Leisure is a people facing sector where a skilled and qualified workforce, from the grass roots level through to the high performance end of the spectrum, is paramount to its success.

Sport is ingrained across society, engaging a large percentage of the population, and has a huge potential to address wider European and Government agendas including, health, social inclusion, education, and now regeneration and economic growth.

To deliver new and different opportunities for everyone to participate in sport and physical activity, the sector must have a workforce with the right skills to lead and deliver to a new and expanding market.

No Organisation can succeed without a clear sense of direction – a MISSION, GOALS, OBJECTIVES, TARGETS and a strategy or plan to achieve them.


“As Chair of the IOC Athletes Commission, I endorse the mission of EOSE. Indeed “facilitating and supporting the development of the sport and active leisure sector workforce, in bringing education and employment, to ensure people working and volunteering in the sector have the right skills to perform and enable the Sector to fulfil its potential as a social, health and economic driver” is a mission that all responsible in sport should support.”

Claudia Bokel, Chair of the IOC Athletes Commission
EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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