Sport pilot projects and preparatory actions published by the European commission



Sport pilot projects and preparatory actions published by the European commission

Within the last 2 weeks, the European commission has published 3 calls for proposals in the field of sport.

These opportunities for funding are amazing tools to tackle important issues facing the sport and physical activity sector.

Do not hesitate to apply !



Sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees

The potential of sport as a tool for social inclusion has now been well documented. Consequently, the opportunities that sport projects provide to support social inclusion of refugees in host communities are more and more exploited in many EU Member States. As sport is one of the tools that might be used for the successful integration of refugees, local sport projects in particular may have an increasing role in trying to facilitate refugees’ integration into new communities. Across the European Union, at Member States’ level or within European Union programmes, a wide range of initiatives have been taken and innovative projects are already being implemented. This Preparatory Action is a contribution to this effort and to a better integration of refugees through sport.


Deadline: 1 June 2020



Exchanges and mobility in sport

Sport is a powerful tool, bringing people together at international, national, regional and local levels, and developing people-to-people contacts. Cooperation, partnerships and exchanges at grassroots level – inside the EU as well as with non-EU countries – can contribute to the development of new skills and positively influence societal changes. Moreover, sport organisations at all levels are by nature open to international cooperation.

This preparatory action aims to contribute to the efforts of sport organisations by supporting the learning mobility of their staff. Exchanges of people, ideas and good practices can be beneficial for the individuals, for their organisations and for sport and society as a whole.


Deadline: 11 June 2020



Monitoring and coaching, through sports, of youngsters at risk of radicalisation

Sport can play a role in dealing with the challenge of tackling radicalisation, of making people better integrated in society and may therefore contribute to enhance values such as tolerance, integration and intercultural dialogue.

At the initiative of the European Parliament, this Preparatory Action aims at supporting sport-related projects organised by sport organisations, especially umbrella sport organisations, aiming at the prevention of radicalisation. In particular, it will focus on the practise of sport and physical activity as a tool to promote a better integration of populations at risk of exclusion and radicalisation in the society in which they are leaving.


Deadline: 22 June 2020

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