Supporting women and girls participation in sport and physical activity



Supporting women and girls participation in sport and physical activity

In 2017/2018 EOSE was proud to be a partner in the European Us Girls project, led by UK charity StreetGames, and funded under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


The Partnership

EOSE worked on the European Us Girls project with:

StreetGames, a UK Youth Sports charity working with the poorest and most disadvantaged communities.

  • The International Sport and Culture Association(ISCA), a democratic, non-governmental, not-for-profit umbrella association with 103 European member organisations and 209 member organisations worldwide.
  • UnioneItaliana Sport Per tutti (UISP), an Italian association which aims to extend the right to sport for all citizens.
  • V4Sport in Poland aims to increase the number of people who are physically active.
  • Women Win are a thought leader organisation, and global convener, strategically positioned at the intersection of women’s rights, international development and sport.


Academic Review

Led by Women Win, the academic research report explores the evidence base for developing female volunteers in sport and physical activity. Its findings helped to underpin the entire European Us Girls project, including the key themes outlined in the e-learning resource.


E-Learning Resources

Underpinned by up-to-date research and supported by industry experts, the e-learning resource is a free online course aimed at developing the knowledge base of individuals wishing to develop female volunteers into peer leaders.

Created by EOSE, StreetGames and V4Sport, the six modules will explore everything from barriers to participation, through to reward schemes and volunteer retention. Users can pick and choose the modules that are most relevant to them and their development, with downloadable resources to refer back to following each module.

The E-Learning is structured in to the following modules

Module 1 – Overcoming barriers for women and girls in sport

  • Women and girls in sport
  • Benefits of volunteering
  • Volunteer life cycle
  • Understanding local context

Module 2 – The role of the female peer leader in sport

  • Benefits of peer leadership
  • International environment- strategic planning, goals
  • Role of the peer leader
  • Peer leader attributes
  • Responsibilities of an organisation

Module 3 – Peer leader recruitment and selection

  • Identifying peer leader
  • Motivation to become a peer leader
  • Selection process
  • Project aims
  • Barriers to peer leadership

Module 4 – Introduction and orientation for new peer leaders

  • Understanding participants needs
  • Description of tasks
  • Levels of responsibility
  • Relationship boundaries
  • Goal setting
  • How to organize induction session

Module 5 – Developing the skills of peer leaders and progression

  • Training opportunities for peer leaders and CV building
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Developing skills and training opportunities
  • Creating personal development plan
  • Mentoring

Module 6 – Providing support for peer leaders

  • Retention of peer leaders
  • Record keeping
  • Managing a team of peer leaders
  • Peer leaders support strategy
  • Peer leader progress, destinations, exit


European Us Girls App

Developed by 20 female leaders from across the UK and Italy, the European Us Girls app features a wide selection of games, icebreakers, energizers and team-building activities to help you and your friends to get active. Each game is quick to set up and simple to play – most don’t even equipment, and can be played in almost any space! Created by V4Sport, the games section will be constantly updated, so keep checking back for more ideas.


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