S2A-Sport 8th Full Partner Meeting officially closes the project

S2A-Sport 8th Full Partner Meeting officially closes the project

“Developing Sport Administration in Europe is a process in the making and we should be proud to have pioneer some offers during the S2A-Sport project. The interest from the sector has clearly been demonstrated and we have developed together solid foundation. The time is now for us all to work on next steps towards sustainability and future actions!” With these clear words, Aurélien Favre, EOSE Executive Director, addressed the final Full Partner Meeting (FPM) delegates of the S2A-Sport Project* during his welcoming speech.


The 8th and final S2A-Sport FPM took place in Paris on the 29th of January 2018 and was hosted by the European Federation for Company Sport. It gathered all partners** with the aim to officially sign off Intellectual Outputs 1 to 6, agree content for Step 7 –so that they could all go into the design phase and then be made publicly available- and explain requirements and contribution of partners to the final report which is due to be submitted in April 2018. In addition, objectives also included discussion of next steps towards sustainability and future actions in order to ensure the use of the valuable tools developed as part of the project, in particular, the Occupational Standards and the user-friendly training manual to help sport organisations develop their team.


Some very clear indicators of success were showcased with high-quality ratings from both the partnership (external evaluation by SkyBlue). In particular, it is extremely positive the following objectives were considered as mostly met: understanding the labour market, defining functions and standards, test the pilot material and specific standards. EOSE is also thrilled that the impact on the partner organisations were listed as (1) overall positive experience including networking, enjoyment of the pilot delivery and spirit of cooperation, (2) positive learning including competences development, internal processes, policies, (3) new and increased skills/competence of Sport Administration across EU.

Reflecting back, the S2A-Sport project journey –which started in September 2015- has brought the whole partnership and a community of 40 emerging leaders in sport administration through various and invaluable experiments. The 7 Step Model has once again served as pattern through the project allowing this time the partnership to provide an interactive mapping of the skills and occupations in sport administration. Yet what will probably be remembered is that for the very first time in EOSE history, a pilot European Training was live tested. This clearly opened up new perspectives and we took the opportunity of the final FMP to acknowledge and praise the crucial and beneficial contribution of all partners towards the whole process. This project has truly be the embodiment of a strategic partnership.

So what’s next?


Partners are now expected to sign the proposed Joint Ownership Agreement, and we the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment hope they will join us in our commitment to continue the development of the S2A-Sport tools and activities that have been started during the project lifetime and to contribute to the development of sport administration in Europe. Indeed we consider that this Final FPM is not the end of the S2A-Sport product. It represents the end of the EU funded project as a development phase, but equally opens the next chapter of implementation as the outputs will be made freely and publicly accessible across Europe in the following weeks.




*Should you want to know more about the S2A-Sport project, visit the  project website: www.s2a-sport.eu

**S2A-Sport partnership is made of 12 partners: the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE), the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), the National Sports Academy (NSA), the International Sport And Culture Association (ISCA), the Sport Institute Of Finland (SIF), the European Federation For Company Sport (EFCS), the University Of Cassino And Southern Lazio (UNICAS), the Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), Werkgevers In De Sport (WOS), the University Of Chester, EOSE Services, Tennis Europe

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