Effective operations as key topic of S2ASPORT2017 Day4

Effective operations as key topic of S2ASPORT2017 Day4

Day 4 of S2ASport European Training Programme in sport administration started with a yoga session in the forest. This was the opportunity for the organisers to remind the participants that the benefit of the week of training should be to step back from daily routine, take a deep breath and get a new perspectives on themselves and their environment.

This has become a tradition, the formal of the training programme opened up with a video and a recap highlights by Kirstie Simpson of the key messages from the previous days. She especially reminded the 40 emerging leaders in sport administration that Day3 have showed them the need and tools to ensure the resources an organisation has are going to be use properly and efficiently, the key to this being too know where you are going as an organisation.

Participants were then invited to feedback about the challenges posed by the afternoon role game and they pointed out crucial aspect of sport administration: time management, communication skills, focus, delegation of tasks, decision making process and presentation skills.

Maciej Szymonski from Tennnis Europe then took the lead to deliver the topic of Day 4, Effective Operations, with the support of Carole Ponchon from EOSE.

He provided participants with some hints and main learnings from his own experience and invited them to think about the common challenge of daily effective operations based on some imaginary case study. The basics of project development and coordination as well as relationship management and marketing were highlighted and illustrated with real life example. Carole spread out the idea that the means/channel and tone of communication as well as its timing are as important as the message itself.

The afternoon session was based on a fictional role play during which participants were assigned to organise a conference. Divided into six groups of stakeholders (organising committee, participants, hotel, meeting venue, speakers, etc), they faced the potential unexpected challenges that may occur on such occasion and had to find collaborative and strategic solutions.

Participants were then proposed to enjoy a bit of tennis practice, led by Maciej, Jorma and two participants Karolina from Poland and Roope from Finland being themselves tennis coach.

Such a special day could not closed without a Finish touch and participants were invited to enjoy a sauna in a very special place nearby the lake. Dinner was also served there and we were lucky to have Mr Tapani Frantsi as special guest for the evening. Havingbeing a pioneer in sport management and spsort leadership in Finlandand being enthusiast about international copperation in the field, he told participants that them being here for such a kind of training was for him a dream come true! We bet it was the wase also for some of them if not all!

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