Day 3 of S2ASport: It’s not all about the money!

Day 3 of S2ASport: It’s not all about the money!

No middle of the week slump day for the S2A participants!

A bunch of brave Vikings started the day with a swim in the nearby lake, enjoying as much as they could the natural beauty of the Vierumaki campus.

Maximising resources was the topic today with in particular budgetary processes and sources of funding being outlined by Vilma Cingiene, from the Mykolas Romeris University, and Aurélien Favre, from EOSE. Both of them shared their knowledge and expertise with the participants who quickly got into the subject.

The link was made with the learnings outcomes from the first two days by Kirstie Simpson as S2A-Sport programme director.

In the afternoon, participants were splitted into groups of five and were challenged with a case study. Being allocated two hours, they had to present solutions as if they were a team of consultants; bringing together the knowledge they have developed through the course of the week so far. They all got into the game with a sense of responsibility that could hardly be found elsewhere and truly work hard to keep up with the time and take into account all the variables offered by the case study.


The acting Board members (S2A-sport lecturers) of the imaginary Highlands Badminton Club were delighted and amazed by the quality of presentations.

To relax after such an intense day, participants and lecturers had the chance to hit some balls while having access to a golf practice. This was another chance to explore Vierumaki’s campus and get a deep breath.

So far so good!

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