Implementing innovative approach to break the barriers for female coaching: READY, STEADY, GO!

Implementing innovative approach to break the barriers for female coaching:  READY, STEADY, GO!

Building upon the “Proposal for Strategic Actions on Gender Equality and Sport“, the SCORE project, led by ENGSO, promoted equal opportunities, namely gender equality in coaching, and focused on increasing the number of employed and volunteer female coaches at all levels of sport as well as enhancing knowledge on gender equality in coach education.

Specific objectives of the project were as followed:

  • To promote the representation of employed and volunteer female coaches in the coaching workforce
  •  To increase the number of female coaches by creating tools to support female coaches to develop towards the coaching of high performance
  • To include evidence-based information about gender and gender equality in coach education appropriate to all levels

During the project, partners worked together to develop an awareness pack/educational toolkit identifying existing best practices in Europe to increase the number of female coaches and break the barriers for female coaching involvement as well as a specific training programme for mentor developed and implemented in partner countries with the aim to educate around 20-24 future mentors for potential coaches.

EOSE was involved in the process as the Evaluator but also took active part in disseminating the project outcomes and providing feedback and external advices at each step of the outcomes’ development.

One of the major legacy of the project is the interactive toolkit which we are delighted to bring to you. Available online, the tool is an educational awareness pack, aiming at increasing the number of female coaches and breaking the barriers for female coaching by innovative solutions and offering additional resources.

illustration interactive toolkit

It is meant to support sport organisations in building up a new coaching strategy including special attention to women. It is indeed becoming increasingly recognised that a more diverse workforce brings many benefits to an organisation. Why should sport be any different? Currently our coaching workforce is populated predominantly by white, middle-aged men. They are doing a great job and we should all want them to continue coaching – however, we also want to develop our sports culture to welcome more women into coaching.

Diversity brings many benefits:

  • Different and diverse minds coming together may mean more solutions arise as every individual brings in their way of thinking, operating and solving problems, and decision making.
  • People from different backgrounds can relate to people from different backgrounds. In other words, your participants will have a better experience in your sport if you have a more diverse workforce and therefore a choice of who coaches them. Empathy is a powerful tool that can help your retention figures!
  • More women coaches means more coaches.
  •  Diversity brings with it different talents and skills sets from which your other coaches can learn and develop. The SCORE programme team has worked to create a tool kit of information which can be used by any organisation wishing to recruit, develop or retain women in their coaching workforce, at any level.

Should you be interested in getting a limited edition of the toolkit on a USB stick, please get in touch with us.

Change happens through a series of small step. This is only the start of the journey and project partners (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation- ENGSO, Sport Coach UK, Finnish Coaches Association, International Council of Coaching Excellence – ICCE, European Observatoire of Sport and Employment – EOSE, Sport and Citizenship, European University Sports Association – EUSA, German Olympic Sports Confederation – DOSB, Swedish Sports Confederation – RF, National Olympic Committee of Croatia – NOC Croatia, Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations – LUSF, Cyprus Sports Organisation – CSO and Portuguese Sports Confederation – CDP) will actively promote to key messages and learnings of the project in the coming months.


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