EOSE GA & Members Seminar 2015

EOSE GA & Members Seminar 2015

The European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) held its 2015 General Assembly and Members Seminar on the 1st of December 2015 in Nicosia (Cyprus). These events were hosted by our Cypriot member, the University of Nicosia, and accompanied by an ESSC session and a training on EU funding both held on the 2nd of December. It is our chance to give a very special thank you to Mrs Despo Stylianou and Mr Prof Nicos Kartakoulis whose help has been priceless in ensuring the success of these events.

Attendance to the GA and Members seminar was restricted to EOSE official Members only except for three special guests from Denmark, Germany and Poland currently in the process of joining the membership. It was very encouraging to notice a very high level of commitment and participation as the events gathered 29 participants from 17 countries.

IMG_20151211_152400The programme was built to present EU policies and funding opportunities as well as to encourage a maximum of interactivity and exchange between the participants to collate opinions and suggestions on the latest achievements and strategic development of EOSE and also to assess where we are and where we want to go to strengthen and sustain the activity of the organisation. Last but not least, a specific session was devoted to get to know each over better.

The official opening of the event was made by Prof. Attalides Michalis, Rector of the University of Nicosia and host of the event, followed by an introductory message given by Prof. Philippos Poupioutas, Elected rector of the University of Nicosia.

EOSE President, Thierry Zintz, welcomed all participants, thanked the University of Nicosia for hosting the event, introduced EOSE book published in 2014 to the University’s rector and presented the programme and objectives for the two working days. He especially focused on the fact that EOSE is aiming at growing in a respectable way and therefore putting members at the heart of the organisation hence highlighting the fact that this working day will seek interactivity and exchanges of ideas.



The EOSE Members Seminar started then with Stephen Studd providing participants with an introduction to the context of the day, remembering them EOSE journey since its creation and especially focusing on the meaning and scope of the sport and active leisure sector, the realities and challenges in education and employment as well as the role of EOSE (vision, mission and activities). The definition of sport by the Council of Europe, “all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels“, was recalled as the basis for the understanding of the scope of EOSE work. He then stressed upon some of the challenges facing by the sector, mentioning in particular the fact that the sector is changing going from formal to informal, gaining dimension through the recognition of physical activity as a key dimension in EU talks, delivered by multiple stakeholders in a mixed economy and remembering the specificity of the sector where volunteers and paid staff are deeply connected.IMG_20151202_112007126

He ended up his presentation by giving a through presentation of EOSE, including its genesis, vision, mission and core activities and then highlighting few pathways to translate this vision into reality.

Aurélien Favre, EOSE Executive Director, then delivered a special session providing participants a thorough update on main EU policy and priorities for education, employment and sport, focusing on the main Policy drivers in Europe and the major challenges and opportunities related to EOSE mission and activities. As a civil-society organisation it was our duty to put much emphasis on the Paris Declaration on Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education. We therefore reminded EOSE members that “the purpose of education is not only to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes” and invited them to think about the potential and role of sport when aiming at better access to education, social integration, transversal skills development, intercultural dialogue and civic values. EOSE members were asked to be ambassador of the Declaration when back home within their own organisation but also nationally.

Aurélien ended up his presentation mentioning that we are playing in a complex environment and it is up to EOSE members to define which route to take. The floor was then given to EOSE Executive Board members to introduce the work of EU Expert Groups and EOSE’s position and role as Observer as well as the newly set up High Level Group on Sport Diplomacy.

To conclude the morning sessions, Carole Ponchon, PR and Projects manager, led a special “Get to Know” session. The proposed game was meant to break the ice between all the participants and give opportunity for everyone to get to know more about each other in a different context that the traditional workshop or round table style.

The afternoon session was meant to showcase a sample of activities / projects and led by Aurélien Favre. The main idea was to update members about recent and on-going activities, to give the floor to national members having led such projects therefore providing concrete ideas for future collaboration.



After the afternoon coffee break, Thierry Zintz, President of EOSE, officially opened the formal General Assembly. Once the agenda of the current and the minutes of the past assembly had been approved, EOSE Acting Secretary General, Mrs Vilma Cingiene presented the outlines of the most visible accomplishments of EOSE in the past year based on the Annual report developed by EOSE PR and Project Manager.

The floor was then given to EOSE PR and Project Manager, Mrs Carole Ponchon, who presented in more details the communication strategy followed and pointing out the trends in this field.
The annual report was concluded with the financial presentation and annual accounts, done by Mr Jean-Louis Gouju, EOSE Treasurer and Mr Aurélien Favre.

It was then time for the board election. Mairit Pellinen and Vilma Cingiene who were elected last year as Executive Board Members of EOSE for a mandate period of 2 years confirmed their willingness to pursue their role until the next General Assembly in 2016.  Aurélien then emphasised that are 3 posts were opened to candidates for election at the GA 2015 following the end of Mandate of Jean-Louis Gouju and Thierry Zintz and the withdrawal this year of Mr Gino Schiavone.

The three candidates who submitted their candidature via the official process, Thierry Zintz, Jean-Louis Gouju and Nicos Kartakoulis the opportunity to shortly present themselves during the General Assembly. Their candidatures were then proposed to the General Assembly and were unanimously approved through a vote by show of hands. They will serve a two year term till the General Assembly 2017.

It was agreed that the positions (President, Treasurer and Secretary General) will be defined by the Executive Board during its first meeting to be organised at the end of December 2015.



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