Purpose and benefits of learning mobility: testimonials from participants

Purpose and benefits of learning mobility: testimonials from participants

As said on many occasions, we at EOSE strongly believe that immense benefits could be reached if the sector adopts a culture of Learning Mobility.
Yet a belief or a conviction would be nothing if not empirically live tested. This is the reason why we have invested in practical support to the concept and development of learning mobility activities since the closing of the Feasibility Study in 2013.
And who else than those involved could let us know better what it means to take part to a learning mobility experience?

Participants often describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience building upon cultural and practical learning outcomes.

  • Learning mobility as a cultural “shock” leading to an in-depth reflection on how this impact training and sport practice

“I got the impression that when comparing these children to Maltese children, the finish children at this camp are not afraid to make mistakes. I think in Malta we put a lot of stress on them that they will be afraid of doing anything because of any mistake they could make. At the end of the day everyone just learns from mistakes. Children in the clubs they attend, they practice more than just once sports and there is no early specialisation.”

Nicolas Chiberras from KMS, traineeship in Finland

“I will bring back home the way employees are treated. They treat their employees as their partners. In return, employees treat their place of work as their own.”

Joseph Ludwig from KMS, traineeship in Ireland

KMS trainees in LEEDS_June2015“As a step forward as a culture, we need to start talking about volunteering from an early age. We also need to start giving value to volunteers as well as a meaning rather than helping for a short period of time and that’s it.”

Sharon Scerri from KMS, traineeship in the Netherlands

“This three months placement in Finland was a fantastic opportunity to discover another culture and to be confronted to a different way of working.”

Lucas Martin from the University Lyon1, internship in Finland

  • Learning mobility as an eye-opener opening up new horizons

“A week is not enough and I have changed my perspective of going abroad!”

Alana Blondin from KMS, traineeship in Finland

“This experience expanded my comfort zone and helped me overcoming my fears.”

Shirley Saliba from KMS, traineeship in Ireland

“I have never experienced anything of the sort. I came back with a bag of ideas, a broader mind on how to deal with a vast range of topics and a new insight on sport. I recommend this experience to anyone.”

Tanya Zahra from KMS, traineeship in the Netherlands

“The main factor that impressed me was their teamwork combined between the staff and the volunteers who work on the same track to achieve the same goal. I will go back home with the will to work more with my staff to make them work hand in hand together to get a better outcome.”

Johann Scicluna from KMS, traineeship in Cardiff UK

  • Learning mobility as a new beginning

“This week was a great motivation boost for me and I will make it a point that the things learned/reminded will be IMAG1257actually put in practice.”

Iden Azzopardi from KMS, traineeship in Cardiff UK

“Basically it was a great learning experience and such visits should be done on a yearly basis as you learn a lot from countries, which are much more developed then us in the sports industry.”

Anton Axiaq from KMS, traineeship in Lithuania

“This is not an experience that ends when the mobility scheme is over. It shall be the starting point for many things to come.”

Karen Zammit from KMS, traineeship in Cardiff UK

“Following the saying ‘Better to see once than to hear ten times’ I really promote the idea of continuation of learning mobility opportunity to different sport occupation persons in order to grow both professionally and personally.”

Vilma Cingiene, EOSE Executive Board Member and host of the Maltese delegation in Lithuania

  • Learning mobility as a skillset developper

“These three months in Finland have been a unique opportunity to discover a new culture and a new way of working in a different environment. It gave me the opportunity to gain some experience and provide a better quality of work. I would like to continue improving my skills abroad in a new country.”

Brice Perret Gentil from the University Lyon1, internship in Finland

“From now on in my session, I will be trying to use more of a democratic and laissez-faire approach and see what good it does.”

Stacy Giordmania from KMS, traineeship in Finland

  • Learning mobility: EU funds can make it a reality

Run the Kingdom & Delegates“The funding received from the International Department of the University was crucial to make the mobility a reality”.

Lucas Martin from the University Lyon1, internship in Finland


But the experience is also worth taking as an host.


  • Hosting learning mobility activity: a way to exchange and spread the news about good practices

“Being one of the leading Lithuania basketball organisations in youth players’ development, we have been delighted to support this mobility experience as host organisation and to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with these highly motivated trainees from Malta. We have 20 years of experience in this section and we believe such meetings and placements at the international level can be beneficial for both sides. ‘Sabonis Basketball Centre’ see bright future for this innovative programme and wish successful results”.

Irmantas Birbalas – Project Manager of the Sabonis Basketball Centre in Lithuania

  • Hosting learning mobility activity: a way to reflect on the daily work and reconnect with our own organisation.

“If I compare the student trainees and these adults / professionals – This group was more ‘critical’ and they were comparing the routines in Finland and in Malta which was very good. They gave us feedback what we don’t normally notice ourselves such as ‘Everything goes so smoothly here in Vierumäki – no panic or rush – as we have at our center in Malta’. Furthermore this Maltese group activated our own organisation : not only did we had to think again about where we come from as an organisation an what we deliver, something beneficial you have to do every time you introduce your own organisation to visitors but I for example have visited places like swimming pools engineering room where I don’t have been ever before.”

Mairit Pellinen, EOSE Executive Board Member and host of the Maltese delegation in Finland

“This experience was a good occasion for me to prepare a presentation and update knowledge towards organization and management of the sport system in Lithuania and show the place and role of the basketball. In addition iIt gave to me not only a possibility to share but also analyse with some insights and generate new ideas with visitors and local practitioners from basketball world.”

Vilma Cingiene, EOSE Executive Board Member and host of the Maltese delegation in Lithuania.


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