Skills matter: Make your voice heard!

Skills matter: Make your voice heard!

The ESSC-Sport consortium invites you to take part to a sport and active leisure workforce survey. This is a not-to-miss opportunity to ensure that sport can benefit from such opportunities already established in other Sectors such as Commerce, Textiles and Leather, and Construction.

As part of a European Feasibility Study, funded by the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, to assess whether there is a demand and capability in the sport and active leisure sector to establish a European Sector Skills Council, the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) together with the recognised social partners (EASE – European Association of Sport Employers and UNI-Europa Sport) and SkillsActive UK has developped an online questionnaire to gather your view and opinions.

The questionnaire should take no more than 8 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, German and Spanish.


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Your responses and support in spreading the news matter as the results obtained from this questionnaire will provide key evidence to assess if there is sufficient demand and need to progress in this direction, and to identify if there is the capacity to ensure the successful establishment of such a mechanism for the sector.
We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this questionnaire (a crucial component of the Feasibility Study) and cascading the information to your network.


  • Note: What is a European Sector Skills Council? The concept of European Sector Skills Councils (also named European Sector Council on Employment and Skills) has been promoted by the European Commission with a view to acquiring a deeper understanding of skill needs at sectoral level. The Commission supports the creation of European Sector Skills Councils which have the main objectives to propose a mechanism to tackle the sector’s workforce challenges, to develop a clear picture of the size and skills of the workforce in the sector through consistent Labour Market Information and to support a dialogue between education and employment at a national and European level.


For a full overview of the study, download the leaflet.


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