« It’s all about the people »

« It’s all about the people »

There is a first time for everything. On 1st and 2nd of February 2014 was held in Berlin the first ever meeting of ENGSO Youth young delegates.

Coming from all over Europe, the delegates join together to meet and get to know each other as well as to exchange, explore and define together some pathways for collaboration. Not only are their  different background and cultures a treasure, they are all sharing a common passion about active lifestyle to the rythme of sport and physical activities. The thourough discussion they had lead them to realize to what extend ENGSO Youth can be a collaborative platforme to nurture relevant networks and projects but also to test ideas.

Offering a good mix of formal and informal sessions, the meeting allowed each participants to express his/her will and wishes. They all felt confortable to express contradictory ideas, give crictical feedback and raise hot issues from sport as a tool to raise youth employability to the impact of mega-events, from Olympism bright and dark sides. Through this constructive dialogue, participants got the chance to discover they are all animated by a will to learn and share but also an ambition to contribute as much as they can to the recognition and develoment of sport and physical activity as a global culture where movement and play are the focal point.

Interesting enough to be noted, in what is still consider as a male bastion -ie the world of sport- there were more ladies attending than men. This is for sure not not the only reason why I am convinced that these meetings and kind of platform contains the fruitful roots necessary for the future of sport but it rather highlights some refreshing winds. The most promising part of this group is the certainly that it gathers committed young sport advocators and workers with transversal skills.

The future of sport will certainly not be only built by the young generation but it will get a chance to be brighter if their voice can be mainstreamed and if opportunities are given to them to learn from experienced leaders while in the same time contributing to the reflection and action frameworks.

“It’s all about people” as we said in Berlin. No doubt this group of responsible young people is ready to take over challenges, inspring each other as never before and together having the potential to contribute to the reflection on sport and physical activity. We believe sport and physical activity can be part of a “happiness therapy” for the whole society and it is of high importance in time of crisis to stand upm and speak up for it…. Just think of the potential of sport tourism….or sport’s role in increasing employability & health care savings… not to forget the simple joy of play! It is our responsibility to contribute turning the tide of inactivity. Let me remind a quote by Vincent Van Gogh: “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. This first meeting was undoubtedly a small thing which will hopefully lead to many others. Ready, steady, go!


Carole Ponchon

PR & Projects manager at EOSE


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