European Expert Group on Education and Training

European Expert Group on Education and Training

The second meeting of the EU Expert Group on Education and Training in Sport was held in Poznan (Poland) on 26-27 September 2012 where EOSE was represented by President Stephen Studd after achieving observer status.

Formed through the EU Work Plan for Sport 2011 – 2014 the Expert Group has a mandate to prepare proposals for European guidelines on dual careers and to initialise a summary on the follow-up to the inclusion of sport related qualifications in National Qualification Frameworks with reference to the European Qualification Framework (EQF).
The first meeting of the Group took place in Innsbruck, (AU), during January 2012, the minutes for which can be found here. Issues which were raised during the first meeting were developed in accordance with the adopted Work Schedule with particular attention paid to Dual Careers and the implementation of EQF.
From this main group, an ad-hoc group of experts has been formed to focus on the implementation of the EQF and its impact on sport. The main Education and Training in Sport Group will receive a report and recommendations from the EQF experts as its work progresses. In the meantime the main Group is concentrating on issues around the dual careers of athletes.

Stephen Studd has the opportunity to present the opening paper at the meeting, introducing the EOSE Lifelong Learning Strategy (7 Steps model) and explaining the structure and impact of Learning Outcomes. He illustrated the talk with concrete examples from the current Golf Stand and VSPORT+ projects (both projects funded by the European Commission through the LLP programme).
The Group went on to receive reports from the national experts and the other advisors to try to establish the position on EQF implementation in each member state, with special reference to developments in coaching. A short questionnaire is to be sent to all Group members to build a complete picture as a basis for their recommendations.
Through the presentation, Stephen also stressed the importance of sport being organised at a national level to get involved with and influence the development of national qualifications frameworks which will in turn link to the EQF, to try to ensure the needs of sport are reflected in the frameworks.

Minutes of the Expert Meetings are available here

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