EOSE President attended theXIII national congress of FNEID – Madrid, 18 May 2012

EOSE President attended theXIII national congress of FNEID – Madrid, 18 May 2012

In May 2012, Stephen Studd, President of EOSE, had the great pleasure of attending the FNEID National Congress held at the Glass Pavilion in the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

The Congress featured industry roundtable sessions at which leading employers and education and training providers addressed key issues facing the industry. The theme of the event was “Thinking Positive – physical activity”, an inexhaustible source of health and Business.

At the centrepiece of the event were the FNEID Awards and Stephen was honoured to be presented with the FNEID 2012 Award for European Education Development by FNEID President, Hortensia Vigil Fernandez-Pacheco. FNEID represent employers and facility operators across the fitness and sport sector.

In accepting the award on behalf of EOSE, Stephen highlighted the excellent partnership that is developing between EOSE and FNEID, who are the Spanish members of EOSE. He congratulated FNEID on the work they were doing with employers in Spain in promoting their engagement with Europe and on their recognition of the importance of appropriate qualifications and training that properly equip our staff with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the workplace.

He said “I am delighted that Spanish employers recognise the importance of skills development and are taking the opportunity, through FNEID, to engage at a European level. EOSE values its partnership with FNEID and we look forward to our future work together in the field of vocational educational as we try to raise the profile of the sector and equip it with the skilled workforce it needs to face up to the challenges of the future”.

At the Congress, which was staged alongside the FIBO exhibition, leading employers discussed the challenges facing the industry at this difficult time of recession. They showed how the industry was responding with new products, the introduction of budget gyms, re-branding and modernisation. The message was strongly directed to being brave – to stop what is no longer working, to maximise capacity and reduce expenditure. In a second session, leading university education providers presented their approach to vocational education. They showed how new programmes had been introduced by commercial providers alongside the established university degrees in response to the changing needs of the market.

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