EOSE & FIBA Europe met in Munich

EOSE & FIBA Europe met in Munich

The FIBA Europe UNIVERSITAS team and the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) came together for the first time in Munich, Germany on 12th October 2011. This meeting gave the opportunity to present an update of the activities and missions of both organisations and also to start the discussion on future collaborations in the field of Education and Training.

In attendance were FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin, FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor, Alejandro Vaquera of UNIVERSITAS and Alan Richardson from the FIBA Europe Referee Department. Aurelien Favre (Executive Director), Ben Gittus (Director of Standards) and Matthias Guett (Research Manager) represented EOSE.

“This was very positive and a stepping stone for the realisation of the long-term goals of UNIVERSITAS,” commented Miguel Betancor. “FIBA Europe is very keen to enlist the support of the EOSE in developing the wide, inclusive programmes proposed by the FIBA Europe UNIVERSITAS project.”

“This was really positive to meet with FIBA Europe about our future collaboration in the FIBA Europe Universitas. EOSE is pleased to contribute to the development of education and training for basketball in Europe, and the increased profile of basketball at the European level” commented Aurélien Favre.
He added that “the future work between our organisations will provide a real opportunity to develop the coaches, officials and others who work in basketball through a focus on research and standards development. There is a clear alignment of the objectives of the European Union, EOSE and FIBA Europe around mobility, social inclusion and innovation. EOSE believes this working relationship can be beneficial to both organisations and the development of basketball in Europe.”
“It is encouraging that the development of occupational standards is one of the areas of work where there can be a partnership between EOSE and FIBA Europe. Occupational standards provide the building blocks for all areas of education and training including education licensing systems. We look forward to supporting education in basketball to link to the European Qualifications Framework and best practice in sport education” concluded Ben Gitus.

From the discussion, EOSE is now going to develop and submit to FIBA Europe a concrete proposal to focus on the following 3 topics: Research in Basketball, European Networking and Policies, and Standards Development.

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