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  • Organisation: Sport movement – German Olympic Sport Confederation
  • Theme: Inclusion and integration through sport
  • When: 2016
  • Scope: German project

Funding: Commisisoner for Migration, Integration and refugees supported the scheme with €435000 and the International Olympic Committee with € 54300 (through the Emergency Refugee Aid fund)

Brief description of the initiative (aim and activities): Running until the end of 2016, the project brings together 13 regional sport confederations under the federal programme titled “Integration through Sport”. The sport and activities on offer are geared to the sporting needs and experience of refugees and include cricket, swimming, boxing, cycling, dancing and women’ football, while exercise instructors and trainers will be on hand to help.
It provides assistance in two ways: first, it welcomes refugees in their new home and offers them the opportunity to play sports at the club; secondly, this project supports the many volunteers in sports club.
“Integration through Sport” not only supports clubs financially but also offers advice and qualification measures for staff members.

Target: Refugees and migrants

Main results: -

Factors of success: Support in terms of training on intercultural learning for the volunteers who will welcome the refugees in the clubs to create and strengthen this welcoming culture.

Barriers overcome: -

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