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inclusion trhough sport

“Sport for Integration” – Initiative Sport für Integration

  • Organisation: Sport movement - National Olympic Committee of Austria
  • Theme: Inclusion and integration through sport
  • Where: 2016
  • Scope: Austrian project

Funding: 131 500 euros from the Refugee Aid Fund of the International Olympic Committee

Brief description of the initiative (aim and activities): In the location of the five Austrian Olympic Centers (Dornbirn, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg) all sport programmes were taken into consideration, sport clubs were contacted and first pilot projects initiated. In practice his means to build up appropriate structures in practical steps without overwhelming either the refugees or the local people.
The end aim is to bring back a certain normality and daily routine to the lives of asylum seekers and of recognised refugees through sport. The offer range from mass to competition sport.

Target: Refugees and asylum seekers.

Main results: Survey directly conducted in refugees facilities to identify their sport wish + specific arrangement to get access to sport activities on a daily basis for free in exchange of a social activity defined by the respective clubs + development of new session in particular swimming.

Factors of success: Cooperation and coordinated approach to reach out all those affected.

Barriers overcome: -

Website/contact: http://www.sportservice-v.at/oeoc-initiative-sport-fuer-integration/

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