Mobility in Fencing

  • Organisation: Lithuanian Fencing Federation
  • Theme: Learning Mobility
  • When: June 2016
  • Scope: Lithuanian based project

Topic: Support and guidance to learning mobility / Awareness raising campaign / Concrete activities and funding stream

Sector: Generic / Youth / Sport oriented

Context: 11 national sport federations submitted applications to Lithuanian National Olympic Committee for the support from IOC Olympic Solidarity Fund. 4 federations were selected by the Committee and recommended to the IOC. 2 federations were funded: Track-and-Field Athletics and Fencing. The Lithuanian Fencing Federation (LFF) project was based on coaches mobility.

Brief description of the initiative (aim and activities): The project aimed to improve the professional competences of the coaches (different levels) in Lithuania. It consisted in funding a visiting coach – Maltre Hugues Leseur (France), promoted by International Fencing Federation (FIE) in charge of animating a 10 days training programme (8 hours per day: 4+1+4) which was a mix of theoretical seminars and practical sessions.

Target: Lithuanian coaches and athletes in Fencing and modern pentathlon of the Lithuanian Fencing Federation (LFF)

Main results: Quantitative measures: increase of the number coaches and athletes + Qualitative measures: competence and experience + Increase the level of participation (5 clubs: Vilnius (2), Kaunas (2), Klaipeda (1) + Rise the level of competitiveness among athletes + International co-operation: 2011 (6 coaches); 2013 (4 coaches)

Factors of success: Willingness to share expertise + Use of the well-established framework of the Olympic Solidarity (in terms of funds but also recognition of the skills acquired)

Barriers overcome: Language


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