How to advance Learning Mobility in Sport

  • 17 November 2015
  • Date: 17 November 2015
  • Organisation: EOSE
  • Event: European Round Table on Learning Mobility
  • Where: Brussels
  • Who: Aurélien Favre & Carole Ponchon
  • Scope: Sport and Physical Activity

EOSE organised a European Round Table on learning mobility in sport on the 17th of November 2015 in Brussels.

Hosted by the Délégation Générale de la région Rhone-Alpes and gathering 19 stakeholders from 14 organisations in the particular context following Paris’s terrorist attack, the event gave EOSE an opportunity to recall the goals mentioned along the Paris declaration from March 2015 and to highlight the high potential of learning mobility to help reach all of them.

  • EOSE Presentation Mobility Round Table

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