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GOLF STAND – European Occupational Standards for Golf

  • Scope: Golf Sector
  • Duration: 24 months (01/11/2010 to 30/10/2012)
  • Partnership: 16 national and EU organisations from 10 EU member states

-          Key findings European Labour Market Information Research for Golf

-          Occupational Map

-          Occupational Descriptors

-          Functional Map for the Golf Industry in Europe

-          Functional Map for Golf Professionals in Europe

-          Guide to Qualifications and Learning Outcomes for the Education of Golf Professionals in Europe

The Functional Maps, Occupational Standards summary, and Guide for Qualifications and Learning Outcomes have been translated and are electronically available in German and Spanish languages – If you would like a translated version of one of the documents we invite you to use the devoted form  to make a request.

Visit the project website: www.golf-stand.com

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