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eLearning Fitness


  • Promoter: University of Rome La Sapienza
  • Duration: 36 months (01/01/2011 to 31/03/2014)
  • Partnership: 19 core partners in 12 countries
  • Scope: Fitness sector

EOSE role: Conducting a desk research & Leading dissemination activities.


-          The Course Flyer provides a brief introduction to the key themes, rationale and objectives of the project.

-          The Dissemination Infography provides a brief impact assesment of the dissemination activities carried out.

-          The E-Learning in Fitness Training website gives access (for accredited visitors) to all the training modules developed during the lifespan of the project

Translated versions (French, Lithuanian, Romanian, German, Italian, Dutch, Slovak and Portugese) also available:

 visit the project website: www.elearningfitness.eu

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EQF-Sport – Implementing the European Qualification Framework in the Sport sector

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 24 months (01/01/2007 to 31/12/2008)
  • Partnership: 6 EU organisations and 3 national partners
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          The Leaflet

-          Guide to Developing a Sector Qualification Strategy

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EQFOA – European Qualification for Outdoor Animators

  • Promoter: SkillsActive UK
  • Duration: 24 months (01/10/2006 to 30/09/2008)
  • Partnership: Training Providers, employers and EU Networks from 8 different European countries
  • Scope: The Outdoors

-          EQFOA Industry Occupational Map Outdoor

-          EQFOA Industry Occupation Description

-          EQFOA Functional Map Outdoor Sector

-          EQFOA Animator Competence Framework

-          Report on the feasibility of developing a Quality Assurance Process through Accreditation and Verification for the Outdoor

-          Research report on Labour Market and VET systems in the Outdoors in Europe

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EUROSEEN – European Observatoire for Sport Education and Employment Network

  • Promoter: SPRITO Directions
  • Duration: 24 months (01/10/2003 to 30/09/2005)
  • Partnership: 11 partners from 7 different EU Countries
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          Introduction to Workforce Development Plan in the Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          European Health and Fitness Workforce Development Plan

-          European Tennis Workforce Development Plan

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Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport

Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport Feasibility Study on Possible Future Mobility Measures for Sport in the EU

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 8 months (28/02/2013 to 28/10/2013)
  • Partnership: Consortium of 3 organisations: Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) - European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) - Sport and Citizenship
  • Scope: European Union

EOSE role: Management of the consultation process, report writing.

- Executive Summary (in English, French and German).

- Full Report

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GOLF STAND – European Occupational Standards for Golf

  • Promoter: SkillsActive UK
  • Duration: 24 months (01/11/2010 to 30/10/2012)
  • Partnership: 16 national and EU organisations from 10 EU member states
  • Scope: Golf Sector

-          Key findings European Labour Market Information Research for Golf

-          Occupational Map

-          Occupational Descriptors

-          Functional Map for the Golf Industry in Europe

-          Functional Map for Golf Professionals in Europe

-          Guide to Qualifications and Learning Outcomes for the Education of Golf Professionals in Europe

The Functional Maps, Occupational Standards summary, and Guide for Qualifications and Learning Outcomes have been translated and are electronically available in German and Spanish languages – If you would like a translated version of one of the documents we invite you to use the devoted form  to make a request.

Visit the project website: www.golf-stand.com

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