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S2A Sport: “From Strategy to Action: Supporting the professionalisation of sport organisations through the definition of work-based competencies and the development of fit-for-purpose training for Sport Administrators”

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 30 months (from 01st September 2015 until 28th February 2018)
  • Partnership: 12 official partners (8 national partners and 4 European networks) representing 10 countries
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

This section gives you the opportunity to have access and download all relevant and useful S2A Sport communication material and final outcomes.

1. S2A Sport Research Report

2. S2A Sport Occupational Map

3. S2A Sport Occupational Descriptor

4&5. S2A Sport Functional Map and Occupational Standards

6. S2A Sport Training Programme Handbook

7. S2A Sport Guide to Quality Assurance

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AEHESIS – Aligning a European Higher Education Structure in Sport Science

  • Promoter: ENSSEE
  • Duration: 48 months (01/10/2003 to 30/09/2007)
  • Partnership: 86 partners from 29 different European countries (Organisations, Academic Institutions and Training Organisation
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          A common European database containing all sport science institutes accessible for all stakeholders

-          Executive Summary Physical Education

-          Executive Summary Sport Coaching

-          A commonly accepted framework of professional and learning outcomes in the area of sport science

-          A methodology for analysing and comparing university programmes across Europe 

-          Case studies of good practice and innovation

-          A model curriculum structure for each identified area

-          Report of the First Year

-          Report of the Second Year

-          Report of the Third Year

See also the website: www.aehesis.de

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ASA – ALL FOR SPORT FOR ALL – Perspectives of Sport for People with a Disability in Europe

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 12 months (01/03/2010 to 28/02/2011)
  • Partnership: 16 partners from 11 EU countries
  • Scope: Disability Sport sector

-          The Flyer

-          The Final Report

See also the facebook page: www.facebook.com/AllforSportforAll

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Becoming the Hub – The Health and Fitness Sector and the future of Health Enhancing Physical Activity

  • Promoter: European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA)
  • Duration: 14 months (01/01/2010 to 01/03/2011)
  • Partnership: 3 partners from 3 European countries
  • Scope: Health and Physical Activity Sector

-          Leaflet

-          The Final Report

-          The Final Report Appendix

-          Executive Summary Recommendations

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BSDSS – Building the Social Dialogue in the Sport Sector

  • Promoter: European Association of Sport Employers (EASE)
  • Duration: 12 months (01/09/2003 to 31/08/2004)
  • Partnership: 12 partners (Social Partners and EU Networks)
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

-          Final Report

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CLO2 – Professionalising training and mobility for Outdoor animators in Europe bridging the gap between sector Competences and Learning Outcomes

  • Promoter: SkillsActive UK
  • Duration: 24 months (01/10/2008 to 30/09/2010)
  • Partnership: 19 partners from 12 countries (Training Providers, Social Partners, EU Networks)
  • Scope: The Outdoors

-          A comparative study for the Outdoor sports in Europe

-          The Learning Outcomes Framework for Outdoor Animator

-          The Competence Framework for Outdoor Animator

-          The Feasibility Study for a Register of Professionals in the Outdoors

-          The European Research Report in the Outdoors

See also the website: www.clo-2.eu

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