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In this section you will discover some of lectures and presentations given over the years in Europe and throughout the world by EOSE team.

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Education, Training and Qualification

  • 28 April 2009
  • Date: 28 April 2009
  • Event: Informal meeting of the EU Director General for Sport
  • Where: Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Who: Stephen Studd

The Informal Meeting of Directors General for Sport was organised by the Czech Republic Presidency on 28th and 29th of April 2009 in Prague.

EOSE had been invited to attend the event and to make a presentation during the working session “Education, Training and Qualification” on the main issues, developments and challenges regarding Vocational Education and Training in the Sport and Active Leisure sector in Europe.

  • Sport Directors Informal Meeting Stephen Studd

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New European Sector Labour Market Classifications as a common reference for activities and occupations with Occupational Map and descriptions

  • 16 December 2008
  • Date: 16 December 2008
  • Organisation: EOSE
  • Event: Joint European Conference - “A common approach from the Sport and Active Leisure Sector to the tools of workforce development and worker mobility"
  • Where: Brussels (Belgium)
  • Who: Cristina Matos Almeida

EOSE and EQF-Sport Project‘s joint European Conference entitled “A common approach from the Sport and Active Leisure Sector to the tools of workforce development and worker mobility” was organised in Brussels on 15/16 December 2008 and gathered more than 60 participants from 18 different EU countries.

The presentation provides special attention on the NEARS & NEORS tools.

  • Cristina Almeida Joint Conf 2008 NEARS NEORS

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Protected: Guide to developing and using a functional map in support of a sector competence structure within the EQF

  • 16 December 2008

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