T2MIS – Ticket To Mobility in Sport

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • EOSE role: _
  • Duration: 18 months (January 2017 to June 2018)
  • Partnership: 4 official partners including the applicant EOSE, a representative of employers and link with the EU Social Dialogue Committee (WOS, NL), a Higher Education Training Provider (MRU, LT) and a national sport council (Sport Malta)
  • EU programme: Erasmus+ Sport – Small Collaborative Partnership – Call 2016
  • Scope: Sport and Physical Activity sector

Funded under Erasmus+ Sport Chapter – Small collaborative Partnership, the T2MIS (Ticket to Mobility in Sport) Project is focussed on the Sport and  Physical Activity Sector and in particular on supporting learning mobility for managers, coaches, staff and volunteers of non for profit sport organisations in Europe.

With the project T2MIS – Ticket To Mobility in Sport, EOSE will work with the partnership to propose an adapted online solution to tackle the identified barriers and create conditions to make mobility a reality in sport and physical activity.
The Project will create an innovative centralised and self-guided online tool supporting mobility that will be designed should provide a common entry point and a straight forward platform:

  • To highlight the benefits of learning mobility for individuals and organisations,
  • To differentiate and present all existing opportunities for the sport sector and provide information regarding criteria of eligibility, objectives and priorities, and
  • To provide quick access to some good practices and key documents.

promotion learning mobility


The tool will aim at simplifying and clarifying the presentation of existing Learning Mobility funded opportunities and to raise the level of awareness of such opportunities within the sport sector. The tool will in particular gather information about relevant learning mobility opportunities available at different levels for the sport sector and to guide interested organisations / potential candidates to find information about the most relevant sub-programs/actions/opportunities adapted to their profile, willingness, and expectations.

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