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SUCCESS – Capacity Building Programme for Public Service Sports Administrators

  • Promoter: KMS (Kunsill Malti Ghall-iSport)
  • EOSE role: Technical expertise; Developping & running the programme
  • Duration: 15 months (01/09/2013 to 31/12/2014)
  • Partnership: 2 core partners
  • EU programme: European Social Fund
  • Scope: Public Sports Administrators

The implementation of EU Commission’s White Paper on Sport and the ensuing developments in key areas pertaining to social dialogue in the sector has meant that Public Sector Sports Administrators employed by the Beneficiary have to operate at a completely different level to meet these new obligations and build activities to address established health, educational and social targets.

This proposed Capacity Building Programme aims to equip these Public Officials with a skills-set for optimal administration of publicly-funded Sports resources, management of projects that address issues relating to the development of social dialogue, meet new good governance requirements, and develop competencies to operate within EU forums effectively. It strengthens the institutional and administrative capacity of the Beneficiary in its roles as regulator and provider of services in the Sport and Active Leisure sector to support local sports from grassroots to elite level, as a means of promoting social cohesion.


EOSE role will in particular consists in:

  • Conducting a desk research amongst partners for existing programmes and good practices;
  • Building a Competence Framework for Sport Administrators;
  • Developing training material (LO, assessment strategies, teaching methods, credits etc);
  • Identifying lecturers; Supporting the building and delivery of the training programme;
  • Finding placements for Maltese traineeships across Europe.



“The ESF 4.216-SUCCESS-Capacity Building Programme for Public Sports Administrators project, supported by EOSE, has been a success for SportMalta. This was indeed the first time that employees were given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and embark on both a training programme and a unique internship experience abroad. […] Learning Mobility offers a unique platform of building substantial network of long-term contacts where ideas can be interchanged and discussed. As Head of this entity I strongly recommend other employers to engage in learning mobility experiences which are of great value to both employees and the company.”

Mark Cutajar, CEO of Sport Malta

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