RBT : Row the BoaT project

  • Promoter: The European Association of Sport Employers (EASE)
  • EOSE role: Involved in the development of the bid, Desk research, Consultation, Dissemintation
  • Duration: 15 months (01/12/2006 to 29/02/2008)
  • Partnership: 11 organisations: 3 EU Networks and 8 national organisations
  • EU programme: DG Employment, social affairs and inclusion, Call for Proposals VP/2006/001 ‘Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue’
  • Scope: Sport and Active leisure sector

Reinforce the representativeness of the social partners in the sport sector

The project was led by EASE in close collaboration with EURO-MEI, as the organised voice of employees in the sport sector. The management group was, therefore, composed of EASE and EURO-MEI with the support of EOSE – the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment. These organisations mobilise their national contacts through their networks.

The general aim of the “Row the BoaT project” – RBT project – was to develop the social dialogue in the European sports sector through the reinforcement of existing social partners, and through EASE and EURO-MEI’s joint work to support the development of social partners in countries where the social dialogue in the sport sector is emerging or less developed.
All this work was carried out with the intention of submitting an application for the creation of a sport social dialogue committee at the end of the project.

The early period of the project consisted in establishing:

  • the 2 “Maps of the 100” (RBT database) meaning mapping existing employer and employee organisations, social partners within the 25 EU Member States (as of 31.12.2006), and the 4 sport sub-sectors identified and represented within EASE (professional sport, voluntary sport, fitness and outdoors);
  • an overview of the sport systems in the EU: the organisation of sports in the EU Member States has an impact on the way employee and employer organisations are structured and developed.

Then, the social partners were approached simultaneously but at 3 different levels by 4 teams of 2 organisations (representatives). Each team consisted of 1 representative of EASE and 1 of EURO-MEI.

The objective of this structuring through 3 levels of action and 4 operational teams was to provide to all actors of the social dialogue in the sport sector in the EU Member States an answer to the needs corresponding to the level of development of the social dialogue in their countries.


EOSE was in particular involved in:

  • Support the development of Social Dialogue in the sector.
  • The development of the bid.
  • Supervising and leading the preliminary research establishing an overview of the existing social partners in the sport sector in the EU Member States and an overview of the sport systems in the European Union.
  • The overall consultations and in dissemination process.
EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

A new wave for the sport and active leisure sector

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