POINTS – Sports Integrity

  • Promoter: EOC EU Office
  • EOSE role: Development of the educational programme; Evaluation of the project; Ongoing dissemination and promotional activities.
  • Duration: 3 years (from January 1st 2018 until December 31st 2020)
  • Partnership: 11 National Olympic Committees, 3 European Federations and 3 Knowledge Institutes
  • EU programme: Erasmus + - Sport Chapter

Across sport, numerous scandals related to ethical questions have been brought to light in recent years. Consequently, public opinion becomes more and more negative and public authorities increase the pressure on sport governing bodies to implement principles of good governance as well as ensuring the integrity of sport competitions.

The main objective of the POINTS Project, coordinated by the EOC EU Office, is to help National Olympic Committees, European Federations, and National Sport Federations to safeguard the integrity of their sport(s) in the widest sense and to strengthen their governance.

The overall methodology of the project is based on the concept of “Single Points of Contact for integrity“ (SPOCs) and more precisely to:

  • Provide a structure and guidelines for the setting-up of SPOCs within sport organisations;
  • Develop educational material and tools to provide relevant training to those representatives from targeted sport organisations that will act as SPOCs;
  • Organise National Strategic Workshops on Sport Integrity and Good Governance to bring together sport organisations and potential SPOCs.

The project brings together a consortium composed on 11 National Olympic Committees, 3 European Federations (Volleyball, Athletics and Basketball) and 3 Knowledge Institutes (Interpol, Sport and Recreational Alliance and EOSE).

EOSE is delighted to be part of the POINTS project and looks forward to the year ahead during which the training seminars will be delivered.

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