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ONSIDE – Sport Officiating

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 36 months (from 01st January 2018 until 31st December 2020)
  • Partnership: 11 partners from 9 different countries
  • EU programme: Erasmus + Sport Chapter - Collaborative Partnership - Call 2016
  • Scope: Sport movement

The innovative ONSIDE - “Innovative education to enhance the skills of Sport Officials in Europe”- project will explore, for the first time at the EU level, the generic competencies, skills and knowledge of sport officials (e.g. umpires, referees, judges), such as decision making, fair play, integrity and communication, – covering all sports and nations. The project will build upon a unique partnership made of 11 partners from 9 different countries – including 3 International/European sport federations, 2 national sport federations, a national sports council, a national Olympic committee, a university, and 2 national associations of sport officials.

Fact is, Sport organisations across the EU, including the 11 partners in the project, recognise the need to enhance the image and recognition of sport officials and to provide them the opportunity to upgrade their skills to respond to the challenging environment in which they operate.

The 7 Step Model will serve as a pattern through the project to provide an interactive mapping of the skills and occupations of sport officials. The education component of the project will create a training handbook and will also deliver training through innovative learning methods, including e-learning courses which will, in turn, inform the project legacy.

1 – European Desk Research and Occupational Map on Sport Officials
2 – Occupational Descriptors and definitions for Sport Official positions in Europe
3 – Functional Map for Sport Officials in Europe
4 – Occupational Standards for Sport Officials in Europe
5 – Handbook of Training Modules for Sport Officials in Europe
6 – Innovative e-learning Courses for Sport Officials in Europe
7 – Guide for Sustainability and Quality Assurance Strategies for e-learning Courses

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