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LLLSport – Actions towards the Lifelong Learning Stategy for Sport

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • EOSE role: Project development & management, Network of partners management, Quality control, Production & dissemination of final ouctomes
  • Duration: 13 months (01/03/2010 to 28/02/2011)
  • Partnership: EOSE as mono beneficiary + National Ambassadors
  • EU programme: Lifelong Learning Programme 2007/2013, Call KA1 ECETA: Support for EU cooperation in Education and Training
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

The LLL Sport project aimed to bring together stakeholders at the national level to put in place structures which can ensure a well-qualified workforce ready to meet the challenges the sector faces and allow the sector to contribute to wider agendas including health, education, social inclusion and economic development.

The LLL Sport project had the main goal to raise awareness of the innovative LLL Sport Strategy and commitment to it through positive engagement and partnership with stakeholders from the fields of sport and education at the national (and sub-national) level. The LLL Sport Strategy was developed specifically to support the sector with Vocational Education and Training (VET) related issues and is fully in line with European policy developments in both sport, such as the White Paper on Sport, and European VET initiatives such as the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The LLL Sport Strategy is based around defining the sector and its occupations, a work based competence framework, learning outcomes framework and quality assurance process.

The project utilised an innovative approach of awareness-raising and dissemination through the engagement of “National Ambassadors” from the membership of EOSE in nine European countries.

The role of the ambassadors was to provide quality dissemination activities at the national and sub-national level and to report on, and ultimately influence, national VET structures in sport and the level of interaction with EQF and the LLL Sport Strategy.


“LLL Sport project was in great demand and its occurrence was just in time taking into consideration the adoption of the Law on National Qualification Framework in Lithuania. The current growth and changes in Education Sector as well as in Sport and Active Leisure Sector bring nationwide challenges. Also, all recent developments occurring in Europe are quite difficult to cope with. Therefore LLL Sport project remains as a baseline for better coordination and consolidation among all stakeholders in the future and the EOSE support is essential in fostering processes into a new qualitative level.”
Vilma Cingiene, University Associated Professor at the Lithuanian Sport University, Lithuania


“The timing of the Sport-LLL project was perfect for Hungary. A strategic partnership of the major sport stakeholders was created only a few months before the start of the project. According to the establishing document, one of the topics to be covered was education and employment issues. As one of the outcomes of the stakeholders’ cooperation and the Sport-LLL project, the MoU of the Hungarian Observatoire of Sport and Employment was signed. [...] Good practices shared by other EOSE ambassadors did already and will assist in the future. But most importantly, the Sport-LLL project guided the national level developments during the project period, which could not be achieved on our own.”
Judit Farkas, Senior Advisor and Grant Researcher at the Semmelweis University, Hungary


“LLL Sport is a very significant project as it fosters awareness raising and the implementation at national level of the Lifelong Learning Strategy for the whole Sport and Active Leisure sector developed through the EQF-Sport project – a difficulty identified in this previous project. Once again it was an opportunity of enormous learning and experience sharing among different realities.”
Cristina Matos Almeida, Sociologist at the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ), Portugal

“The LLL Sport Project has been well met by the Maltese Sport Stakeholders. In fact there is a concrete outcome already through the dissemination of the LLL Sport project and the meetings held. The strong outcome is actually the setting up of the Maltese Sport Sector Skills council- a collaboration between the Malta Qualifications council and the Malta Sport council. I have been instrumental as National Sport ambassador to lobby with the government in understanding through facts that this is the way forward in order to bring about more quality jobs and more mobility.”
Gino Schiavone, Lecturer at the Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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