Golf Stand

  • Promoter: SkillsActive UK
  • EOSE role: Responsible for the European LMI survey, Technical advisor, Dissemination, Support project management
  • Duration: 24 months (01/11/2010 to 30/10/2012)
  • Partnership: 16 national and EU organisations from 10 EU member states
  • EU programme: Lifelong Learning Programme 2007/2013, Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Call 2010
  • Scope: Golf Sector

The European Occupational Standards for Golf project (GOLF STAND) had been developed with the main objective to produce a range of indispensable European occupational standards aiming at defining the competences, skills and knowledge needed for those working in the sector as golf professionals.

Purpose and objective of the project had been discussed with the partnership during the development of the project and in accordance with the strong request expressed by the sector for the need to develop some European Occupational Standards. Indeed, they have identified a gap between the competences requested from the labour market and the learning outcomes delivered by the training providers and so those innovative outcomes should improve and make easier the movement between education and employment but also ensure the development of a competent workforce with the right skills in the golf industry.

These developments are meant to:

  • Improve the recognition of competences and qualifications in the golf sector
  • Further enhance the recognition and re-evaluation of the standards set by the PGAs of Europe embracing an EU-wide competence-based, learning output framework;
  • Promote a transparent and flexible education and training system with clear learning and career pathways
  • Ensure the development of a competent workforce with the right skills and competences in line with the expectation of the labour market and facilitate the movement between education and employment
  • Develop mobility, transparency and mutual trust of qualifications.
  • Provide a clear Occupational Map and descriptions for the golf industry.


The expected impact was for golf to embrace a Lifelong Learning Strategy and endorse a common quality assurance framework for its qualifications across EU.


The Golf Stand brought us further than we expected. At the beginning we were a bit sceptic but there could not be better proof of sucess than the wide use of the project outcomes beyond its lifespan.”

Ian Randell, Chief Executive – PGAs of Europe
EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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