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EUROSEEN – European Observatoire for Sport Education and Employment Network

  • Promoter: SPRITO Directions
  • Duration: 24 months (01/10/2003 to 30/09/2005)
  • Partnership: 11 partners from 7 different EU Countries
  • EU programme: Leonardo da Vinci Programme
  • Scope: Sport and Active leisure sector

The objectives of EUROSEEN were to target, build and develop a network of key research organisations across European countries (EOSE), all of whom have an interest in developing research related to standards, materials and methods in education and training for the Sports and Active leisure industries. This project supported the Social Dialogue Network in the Sports Sector to map the Sport and Active Leisure Market of Europe. It carried out research in three major areas which were the size and scope of the enterprises in the Labour Market, the size and scope of occupations within the labour market and the relationship with the training provision serving both facets of the Sport and Active Leisure Sector which were interrogated by identifying skills gaps and shortages. The results were published in a Workforce Plan.

The main activities were as follows:

  • To carry out desk researches and surveys to identify the data relevant to the key areas above.
  • To develop a dedicated website for the project.
  • To develop a guide and operational manual for organisations wishing to become Observatoires in Sport and Active Leisure.
  • Which promoted:
    - an understanding of enterprises in Sport and Active Leisure.
    - an understanding of occupations in Sport and Active Leisure.
    - an understanding of training provision aimed at Sport and Active Leisure.

To develop a sector workforce development plan for Europe.


“The International Tennis Federation is very pleased of its co-operation with EOSE. The research [conducted] provides extremely valuable information in the development of the Tennis Sector at European level.
The methodological and conceptual approach of this study on the workforce development plan for the European Tennis Sector is based on multiple investigation techniques, which include both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The research, by involving all the organisations related to the tennis industry, helps to build reliable knowledge capable of understanding the increasingly complexity of the tennis sector in Europe and the wide range of factors that influence it.”
Miguel Crespo, PhD. / Development Research Officer / International Tennis Federation

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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