European Us Girls

  • Promoter: StreetGames (UK)
  • EOSE role: Education and Learning Lead
  • Duration: 24 months (January 1st 2017 – December 31st 2018)
  • Partnership: 6 organisations from 6 countries (Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and UK)
  • EU programme: Erasmus + Sport Chapter - Collaborative Partnership - Call 2016

Funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Sport Chapter, the European Us Girls project tackles head on the issue of gender inequality in grassroots sport.

In the light of the well-known participation gap between men and women, boys and girls  in sport around the EU, the European Us Girls project could serve as a pioneer in long-term perspective, offering a solution for tackling heads on the issue of gender inequality in grassroots sport, when it comes to facilitate the training of young women to be peer educators in grassroots sport.

As it brings together, for the first time, six high quality organisations that operate in the grassroots sport and physical activity sector, the project will achieve results addressing two important EU policy agendas:

  • Increasing female participation in grassroots sport and physical activities, in particular young women with fewer opportunities aged 13-30 years (sport; gender equality, inclusion; equal access)
  • Increasing female volunteering in sport, in particular non-formal peer education, (sport; gender equality; volunteering, inclusion, equal access)


European Us Girls will create new training and learning resources adaptable for different national settings that can be rolled out Europe-wide. In particular, building upon the award winning programme “Us Girls” by StreetGames, a new international course to train young women to be peer educators in grassroots sport will be developed.

The project will create a large and dynamic new European network for grassroots sport. The six partners bring their own extensive networks to this project, which will interact on the new networking platform to form an innovative virtual ‘network of networks’.


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