CHANGE – Sport for development

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • Duration: 3 years (from January 1st 2019 until December 31st 2021)
  • Partnership: 11 partners from 9 different countries
  • EU programme: Erasmus+ - Sport Chapter
  • Scope: Sport for development

The CHANGE project has the full title of “Defining skills and competences for sport to act as a tool for development of people and society in Europe” and will run from January 2019 to December 2021. A mix of 11 partners from 9 countries will take part in the project.

This new project will focus on an emerging specialist field in sport – “Sport for Development”, defined as the use of sport as a tool to bring positive change in the lives of people and communities, often aiming to tackle social issues. The CHANGE project will, for the first time at EU level, aim to define the skills and competences of those working in sport for development.

The project will produce the first employment map of the field and define specific competences and, by utilising the proven EOSE Lifelong Learning Strategy (7 Step Model), will develop pilot training modules to be tested at national level and a training handbook for the on-going development of education for professionals and volunteers, offering a real legacy to support the development of the workforce.


  • European Desk Research and Occupational Map for sport for development
  • Occupational Descriptors and definitions for sport for development positions in Europe
  • Functional Map for sport for development in Europe
  • European Occupational Standards for sport for development coordinators and activators
  • Training Programme Handbook for sport for development coordinators and activators
  • Implementation and Sustainability Plan for sport for development in Europe
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