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AEHESIS – Aligning a European Higher Education Structure in Sport Science

  • Promoter: ENSSEE
  • EOSE role: Support and dissemination
  • Duration: 48 months (01/10/2003 to 30/09/2007)
  • Partnership: 86 partners from 29 different European countries (Organisations, Academic Institutions and Training Organisation)
  • EU programme: Erasmus Programme
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

The idea to create the sport related Thematic Network Project AEHESIS “Aligning a European Higher Educational Structure In Sport Science’” was developed in 2002. One year later in autumn, the Socrates Programme of the European Commission started funding the four year project (2003 – 2007).
In this regard the AEHESIS Project especially paid attention to the Bologna Process as well as to the methodologies and results of the Tuning Project implemented by the European Commission. The project was co-ordinated by the Institute of European Sport Development & Leisure Studies at the German Sport University Cologne on behalf of the European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment (ENSSEE).

The main activities of the AEHESIS project were to map all sport science programmes in the four designated sport science areas (Sport Management, Physical Education, Health & Fitness and Sport Coaching) provided by Higher Education Institutes in Europe, to draw up a general overview of the implementation of the Bologna process within those programmes and to compile a report on all research findings.

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