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EOSE has built up considerable capacity and experience to be able to offer research related activities to clients and partner organisations.  EOSE believes that strategies for sector development, workforce planning, and education and training should be based on a solid foundation of established sector need and views from the sector.  This necessitates robust research to gain the views of relevant stakeholders across Europe.

EOSE is well versed in research for labour market intelligence, utilising various research methods to define and describe the labour market in particular sub-sectors.  Using advanced software and being able to analyse and report on collected data are key to this process.  EOSE experience in this area includes LMI studies in the golf sector at European level, sport management in the UK and the sub-sector of sport administration, again at the European level.

The commissioning of sector wide studies is another area where EOSE has significant capability.  Consortia led by EOSE have been appointed to carry out studies by both the Directorate-General Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission, and the Directorate-General Education and Culture.  The first of these studies involved carrying out a feasibility study on setting up a sector council on skills and employment for the sport and active leisure sector in the EU, and in the second case to carry out a feasibility study on possible future mobility measures for sport in the EU.

Having been the co-ordinator or partner of over 30 EU funded projects EOSE has unrivalled knowledge of project requirements.  One of these is the requirement for project evaluation, EOSE has been the formal evaluator for a number of EU funded projects and can use a range of research methods and provide a high quality report of outcomes for any project partnership who requires this service.

EOSE can, in this general area, provide such services as:

  • Labour market intelligence surveys
  • Analysis and report writing
  • Consultation forums and focus groups
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project evaluation

Get in touch if you are interested and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible so that we explore together how we could collaborate


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