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In a world that is revolving faster than ever, in a communication based society, event and network management are both key elements to the success of any project for they are the cement of your initiative as well as a window opened for the world to seize your sphere of influence. They should therefore stand out in order to have a long-lasting impact, providing opportunities for sharing ideas and being stimulated, motivated and inspired.

We all know that event and network management requires strong organizational, documentation, budgeting as well as communication and creative skills. Most of all, they are based on mutual trust and cross-communication and high level of commitment. With more than 10 years of working experience within the realm of EU institutions, networks and projects, we have developped some recognised expertise in each step of the process:


EOSE can, in this general area, provide such services as :

  • Design, planning and delivery of seminars, workshops and professional development events (our experience ranged from kick-off event gathering partners only to international wide-dissemination opened conference);
  • Organisation of International Exchanges for experts and learners;
  • Creation and animation of networks of key stakeholders to coordinate the contribution of the sector to some consultations (from contact making to network/team building);
  • Help you develop a communication and PR strategy.


Get in touch if you are interested and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible so that we explore together how we could collaborate.

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