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Specialising in Workforce development and European policy, EOSE offers a range of services that are based on its experience in project management, recommendations development and on its 7 Step Model – a structured approach to developing your workforce. Our offer can form a total approach to workforce development for your organisation or a project approach to meet specific and immediate priorities. Our end goal is to facilitate or catalyse skils development initiatives in the sport and active leisure sector.


In general terms, we commit to providing:

  • an enormous range of experience and expertise;
  • principals with the highest levels of integrity and reputation;
  • guarantees of outputs to match the highest professional standards;
  • a superior level of cooperation and confidentiality.


The above commitments underpin the various options which we can provide to those stakeholders who wish to collaborate with us. Indeed the multi-dimensionnal expertise of our team is relevant to many organisations – Sport organisations, International and National Sports Federations, Sports Ministries and Sports Agencies charged with developing sport, training providers and vocational education providers,etc operating in the sport field.



Are you convinced by our approach of the sector but wondering what can EOSE do for and with you?

Keep in mind that EOSE is working to provide a range of services and activities based on the combined expertise of its two entities (the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment and EOSE Services) to act:

  • As an Adviser – providing advice to members and partners on the preparation of workforce development strategies and project proposals;
  • As a Partner – leading or adding additional support and expertise to national and European/International projects;
  • As a Networker – using its networks to expand the reach and impact of project work and as a means of identifying, disseminating and sharing best practice;
  • As a Facilitator – supporting exchanges between key stakeholders in the worlds of employment and education, undertaking research and detailed technical consultation;
  • As a Consultancy – commissioned to undertake a range of services and provide expert support in a range of specialist areas.


Here below is the list of areas of expertise, click on a tile to get access to more information.

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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