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IPDJ – Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth

  • Portugal

The mission and tasks of the IPDJ (Instituto Portugês do Desporto e Juventude) – Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth have been defined by the Decree-Law n. º 98/2011, of 21st September 2011. Working in close collaboration with sports organisations, youth associations, student and local authorities, the IPDJ aims to support the definition, implementation and evaluation of public policy in the sport sector but also to promote daily exercise and physical activity as well as high performance, through the provision of technical, human and financial resources.

The Institute is also in charge of issuing permits and licenses and providing the certifications and credentials necessary by law. Furthermore, it also promotes, in collaboration with public or private institutions, studies and research on sport participation indicators and on the different factors for the development of physical activity and sport.

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