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Since its very beginning, EOSE had been a platform for transversal knowledge and multicultural exchanges. EOSE is indeed a gathering force for European and International organisations committed to facilitating Workforce Development in the Sport and Active Leisure sector.

As such, its network provides a mechanism to coordinate the development of the Sports and Active Leisure sector to ensure a workforce with the “right skills at the right time in the right place” and develop an active partnership between the major decision makers of the sector.


It therefore contribute guaranteeing that the Sport and Active Leisure sector can present itself at the National, European and International level in a coherent way in demonstrating its positive and growing contribution to the social, health, economic and cultural development of our society.



“Celebrating the first ten years of EOSE exposes the accumulated knowledge-based, networks and projects the ‘observatoire’ has managed to produce among so many interested and active stakeholders. In EOSE’s conference you are expected to meet University professors, officers from the European Commission, Olympic games’ medallists, leaders from European, Australian and New Zealander sport and leisure federations and organisations, senior managers from national sport organisations, government representatives, training providers, teachers and lecturers from vocational colleges. EOSE’s activities may even take place in impressive venues such as Wembley Stadium.”

Dr Joachim James Calleja, Director of CEDEFOP

“We are very interested in your work and think it’s very important that there is an institution such as EOSE “bridging the gap” between the work of the EU Commission and the reality-based efforts of sport federations dealing with this sector!”  

Helmut Höritsch, Director of Competence & Academy Network, European Handball Federation

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

A new wave for the sport and active leisure sector

Ensuring the right skills in the right place

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