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The Operational team is playing the interface with members, partners and stakeholders.Its role is to ensure EOSE’s daily running and functioning (projects development, events management, communication with members…).The team is working in close collaboration with the Executive board to ensure that the work lead is in line with the organisation’s mission and vision.

It is an extraordinary advantage for EOSE to have personnel assigned to the work programme with experiences acquired from different sub-sectors (Voluntary, Professional, Health and Fitness and the Outdoors) but also from different kinds of stakeholders (Social Partners, Education and Training Providers, Policy and Decision Makers, National Observatoire, Research Institutes).

Its complementarity and good knowledge of the institutions allow EOSE to pursue its mission and conduct its activities (studies, standards, training & quality schemes development, lobbying, communication, networking, project management, etc..).

Here below you can find out about EOSE Operationnal Team’s Members.

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Aurelien Favre

Aurélien FAVRE

  • Executive Director
  • French

Aurélien is the Chief Executive Director of EOSE.

He graduated in 2003 with a Master Degree in Sport Management from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. He then integrated both SkillsActive (the UK Sector Skills Council) and EOSE as European Projects Manager before being appointed as EOSE CEO in 2009.

His main area of interest & research are Sports Systems, Sport Development, Employment and Vocational Education and Training. Through the past 9 years, he has gained recognition in the Sport Industry and Labour Market and was actively involved in the development of Occupational and Competences standards for Fitness Instructors, Outdoor Animators and Golf Professionals in EU and also in the conception of the Lifelong Learning Strategy for the Sport and Active Leisure sector.

He also developed a specific expertise through the development and management of several European projects in the Sport and Active Leisure sector focusing on different priorities such as Employment, Education and Training, Player Agents, Sport Governance, Sport for people with a disability, Volunteering, Social Dialogue etc.

Tasks and working areas within EOSE: Human Resources management, Organisational development, Fundraising, Project development and supervision (administrative, financial and technical dimensions).


Stephen STUDD

  • Director of Development
  • British

Stephen has worked in the industry since graduating from London University in 1975. Following on from seven years hands-on management experience at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, which included staging international events, managing the administrative and finance functions and coordinating the operational development, Stephen moved to the Sports Council HQ.

Taking on a policy and strategic role, initially in the Facilities Unit and then into the Sports Development Team, he took responsibility for the work of the Council in Sport and Recreation Management. In 1989 Stephen was elected Chair of the Sport and Recreation Lead Body and led the industry development of its first national 0ccupational standards and NVQs, and for the past 20 years has specialised in the development of skills and training for the sport and leisure sector. In 1995 he worked with employers to establish SPRITO which achieved Government recognition as the sector’s National Training Organisation and he was appointed CEO. In 2003 with a change in Government policy, he worked with employers to establish SkillsActive which was licensed by Government as the Sector Skills Council for Sport and Active Leisure. He was appointed CEO where he led a team of 150 staff in the SkillsActive Group until he stood down from his role in 2011.

Tasks and working areas within EOSE: Political representation, Policy building, Project consulting.

Ben Gittus


  • Director of Standards
  • British

Ben is Director of Standards for EOSE.

After completing his Master Degree in Sports Development from the University of Gloucestershire, Ben has worked in vocational education and training in sport for the last 12 years.

Ben’s main experience and expertise is in developing competence frameworks, linking qualifications to the labour market and developing professional recognition schemes. Ben has led the technical development of standards for many occupations within sport and active leisure.

Ben leads on international partnerships and has developed standards and qualifications in countries including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Ben acts as Technical Director for the Register of Exercise Professionals in the UAE (REPs UAE).

Tasks and working areas within EOSE: Partnership development, EOSE 7 Steps Model promotion and adaptation, Occupational Standards and Qualification Frameworks development, Registers of Exercise Professionals development.



  • Project Officer
  • Belgian

Camille graduated in Sport Management at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) following an Erasmus exchange at Lausanne University.

He also worked as scientific collaborator at the UCL during which he gained experience in the collection and analysis of data to enhance the governance of Belgian sport federations.

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