EOSE’s network of Associates is made up of experts considered as authorities on their own field and in their own country.

Thanks to the wide variety of profiles it allows EOSE to break down barriers between different professional fields in order to build a collective expertise on sport as a societal fact while being a relevant and legitimate source of knowledge and strategic facilitator to support the development of Sport and Active Leisure including employment, sports systems, developing standards, competence, qualifications and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

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  • Expert Consultant
  • Italian

Corrado is currently a freelance consultant based in Rome. After a career as athlete (Italian champion in Rowing) and as Rugby coach with clubs and national teams, he addressed his studies in sport management, working in researches, and publishing articles.  He graduated from the CONI as Sport Master and then from Lyon 1 University where he obtained a Research Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in sport marketing.

Corrado has been working for the the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).  He has also been manager editor of the “European Journal for Sport Management” and teacher in some Italian universities for Sport Organisations Management. He also sitted in the boards of the Executive Masters in Sport Organisation (MEMOS) as well as the Italian Association for Sport Management (SIMS) and the Italian Observatories for Sports Occupation (OISO).

Major involvement with EOSE: Executive Board Member (2005-2007), Vocasport, EQF, Euroseen, LLL.



  • Consultant
  • British

Mike is currently a freelance consultant based in London.

Having graduated from Loughborough University with a Sports Science degree, he completed a Masters in the Cultural Studies of Sport at the University of Illinois.

Mike joined SkillsActive (the UK Sector Skills Council) in 2004 and was involved in the management of a range of European projects. He worked on secondment with the Lawn Tennis Association for two years to reform their governing Council and then became the Head of Strategy and Policy at SkillsActive where he worked closely with its Board and a range of government and sector stakeholders and led its European work. Mike has been a freelance consultant since 2012.

Major involvement with EOSE: Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport in Europe.

Daniela Dasheva


  • Vice rector for research, project and international activities, National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”
  • Bulgarian

Prof. Daniela Dasheva is vice-rector for research, project and international activities of the National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski” (NSA).

She graduated from the NSA in coaching, there she also completed her PhD. She specialized in the area of sports psychology in KU Leuven, Belgium.  Since 2004 she is a Doctor of Science in sport and from 2006 full professor in Theory and methodology of sports training.

Her core scientific field is focused on the theory of sports preparation with an accent on training of elite athletes. She led numerous research and educational projects on national and international level and has presented research concepts to international audience during scientific conferences. She is a member of the Director board of FIEP and Executive board member of ICSSPE.

Major involvement with EOSE: National Ambassador in VSport+ project

Javier Dias


  • Consultant
  • Spanish

Javier is a Freelance consultant based in Madrid.

Having graduated from University of Alcala (Madrid) with a Sports and Physical Education Science degree, he has completed a Masters in Management of Sport Facilities and Organisation at the same University and is currently doing a Masters in Management of Projects in Sports at University of Deusto (Bilbao).

He joined FNEID (representative of Spanish Sport Employers) in March 2012. Javier then started as consultant in April 2013 working with General Council of Colleges of Sport Professionals elaborating a framework of knowledge about sport professionals in the EU, and also with SECTORFITNESS European Academy where his key task was to develop a training program according to European standards.

Javier has developed expertise in European sport policies and standards.

Major involvement with EOSE: VSPORT+ project and Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport in Europe.

Simone Digennaro


  • Grant Researcher, Department of Human Sciences, Society and Health, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
  • Italian

Simone Digennaro is grant researcher at the University of Cassino and Sourthern Lazio, and consultant for the Italian National Olympic Committee and many National Sport Federations.

Having graduated from the University of Foro Italico (Rome) with a Sport Management master degree, he holds a PhD from the University of Strasbourg.

He led diverse researches and studies at regional, national and European level, being engaged with projects in collaboration with the European Network of Sport Science, Education & Employment (ENSSEE), the European Observatoire of the Sport and Employment (EOSE) and the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). He has developed expertise in the analysis of sport as social phenomenon and a reliable knowledge about the processes of validation of informal and non-formal education.

Major involvement with EOSE: National Ambassador in VSport+ project, Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport in Europe.

Judith Farkas


  • Senior Advisor and Grant Researcher, Faculty of PE and Sport Sciences, Semmelweis University, Budapest
  • Hungarian

Judit’s work experience has spanned a wide range of activities in the field of sport and physical education/activity since her graduation from Hungarian and American universities, where she studied PE/adapted PE, as well as sports law. She holds a PhD in pedagogy.

Alongside her academic work she has had responsibility in administrative positions and in international project coordination. Having lectured and conducted research in pedagogy she was invited to be a guest lecturer at American universities. In Qatar, as a team member, she was in charge for developing grass root sport, later community sports programme and improve women’s participation in sport.

Major involvement with EOSE: VSport+ project, Feasibility Study on Mobility in Sport in Europe.

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