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EOSE is a membership organisation and the activity of the structure is strongly supported, linked and based on the quality and involvement of the European Network composed of the membership of the organisation.

We could highlight several proven track record of cooperation, collaborations and collective experiences through various projects and activitbecomeamemberies where the whole membership was activated to develop e.g. research and obtain comparable data (qualitative and quantitative) at national and regional level in the areas of employment and VET in the Sport and Active Leisure sector in Europe. To illustrate that point we can take the example of the VOCASPORT project commissioned by the Sport Unit of the European Commission and lead by EOSE in 2004 or more recently the LLL-Sport project.

Please find below the full list of EOSE current members.

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ISEF – Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica di Firenze

  • Italy

The law of February 7, 1958, n°. 88, gave definite rules for teaching physical education and for the development of sport in the Italian school. It also marked the paths for the establishment of the Higher Institutes of Physical Education, first and foremost the public Institute of Rome besides others, that could arise and get the “equalization” with the need to fill an educational long void.

The law provided that an Institute should be emanated by a cultural institution and that was how it came to Florence, 28 March 1958, with the establishment of a Study Centre for Physical Education and Sporting Activities.

During the following life of the Research Centre numerous cultural and educational initiatives have been developed, by catering the needs and requirements coming from the sporting and the academic world. In the early 90s, according to the approval of the European Sports Charter, a strong interest by the European Union towards the sector of physical activity and sports emerged.

The Research Centre aims to deepen the scientific, technical, moral and social values linked to the physical education and sport activity. This no profit association pursues its goals through a documentation centre, which includes a library/newspaper and periodical library, as well as through the organization of congresses, conferences and workshops, and the implementation o f researches at technical , anthropological-social and scientific level.


Leeds Beckett University

  • UK
Latvian Academy of Sport Education

LSPA – Latvian Academy of Sport Education

  • Latvia

Created in 1921 by the Cabinet of Ministers under the name Latvian Institute of Physical Education (LFII), the Academy got its current name (Latvian Academy of Sport Education) in November 1991 by decision of the Ministry of Education to better reflect the higher education institution status and profile.

The LSPA is the only higher education institution in Latvian, which coordinates and conducts research in sport, as well as educates sports science specialists. The number of students of the Academy has risen several times: from 2 study groups in 1946 to 27 groups in 2012.

Further goal of the Latvian Academy of Sport Education is to provide an internationally recognized high-quality studies, develop innovative research in sport science and integrate it in the study process, which ensures the training of competent and competitive different sports specialists for Latvian and international job market.


LUNEX University

  • Luxembourg

LUNEX University focalizes research and teachings on the closely connected areas of fitness, sports, therapy and preventive area which are notable for their sustainability and social relevance. The study programs will equip LUNEX students with the new and different approaches and perspectives on the emerging fields of sports and health.

Furthermore, LUNEX University foresees to expand in the future developing multiple campuses throughout diverse countries offering, with the help of cooperation partners from its extensive international network, a wide range of study programs with an international outlook.

In line with the above, and together with our aim to ensure the employability of our graduates, our standards are in accordance with the Bologna process for practical careers and professions in Europe, and at the same time ensuring harmonization with the various international education systems and professional requirements.

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Manager Sportivi Associati

  • Italy

MRU – Mykolas Romeris University

  • Lithuania

Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), a public institution, is an international university located in Northern Europe. Each year the University admits a large number of creative and talented young people.

Receptive to change, promoting intellectually stimulating studies and focused on consistent research activities, Mykolas Romeris University contributes to the development of a well-rounded personality: a mature, enterprising and independent future leader and a responsible citizen. The University actively cooperates with international organizations, encourages students’ and lecturers’ mobility, takes part in international research projects, as well as implements and creates joint study programmes, enabling students to acquire double or triple degrees. University students, lecturers and research staff have become part of a uniform international studies and research system, where all partners strive to deliver success.

The 2014-2015 academic year at Mykolas Romeris University has begun with introducing not only updated study curricula, but also a particularly relevant priority – promoting entrepreneurship across all study programmes.

The University is delivering a master programme in Sports Industry Management.


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