Improving the Effectiveness of Sport Manager Education and Training in Europe



Improving the Effectiveness of Sport Manager Education and Training in Europe

Forging stronger links between the worlds of education and employment is one of EOSE’s primary goals and founding principles. We are very excited, therefore, to report progress on a new Erasmus+ Sport project: Developing Sports Managers and Leaders Across Europe (DSMLE) which builds directly on EOSE’s recent and highly regarded ESSA-Sport project.

DSMLE is coordinated by Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales and brings together EOSE, six European Universities, a European Association and a UK professional body to cooperate on innovative research into the initial education, career development and continuing professional development of sport managers in all sectors – Community Sport, Elite Sport, Public, Private, Not-for-Profit and Voluntary – across Europe. The project started in January of this year and will conclude in December 2022.

The overall aim of DSMLE is to create a shared understanding of good practice in designing sport management qualifications, curricula and technical training through stronger collaboration between Higher Education Institutions, training providers and sport employers.  DSMLE’s specific objectives are:

  1. Investigating best practice in higher education in nurturing sport management students’ employability, career development, enterprise skills and intentions across the EU and with global benchmarks.
  2. Measuring pre-professional sport management students’ attitudes towards career intentions and career readiness, including self-assessing their current skills and competences.
  3. Measuring practising frontline, middle and top managers’ attitudes to career development and the effectiveness of talent development pathways, including self-assessment of their competences.
  4. Investigating the career trajectories of top executive sport managers and looking specifically at how education, career choices and critical experiences shaped their path to success.
  5. Developing a digital toolkit based on good practice principles for developing learner employability through higher education and training curriculum design and delivery which matches labour market expectations.
  6. Developing policy recommendations for government, federations and associations which are involved in sport employability and workforce policy formulation (local, regional and international level).

EOSE is DSMLE’s lead partner for objectives 2-4 above. The EOSE team is currently preparing questionnaires and surveys which will be targeted at 600 sport management students and 600 practising sport managers across six European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Netherlands and UK). The surveys will be conducted between November 2021 and February 2022 and will be followed by a series of interviews with top executive managers in the same countries in January – March 2022.

If you would like further information on DSMLE or feel you could contribute in some way, please do not hesitate to contact Geoff Carroll, EOSE Director of Skills Development:

 The DSMLE partners are:

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University (School of Sport and Health Sciences) – Wales, UK
  • European Observatoire of Sport and Employment – Europe-wide
  • European Association for Sport Management – Europe-wide
  • Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity – UK
  • Hanze University Groningen – Netherlands
  • Lithuanian Sports University – Lithuania
  • University of Strasbourg – France
  • National Sports Academy ‘Vassil Levski’ – Bulgaria
  • University of Leuven – Belgium
  • Brunel University – UK
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