ASPIRE Project Final Conference



ASPIRE Project Final Conference

The Final Conference of the ASPIRE project took place on 14 June 2019. ASPIRE is an EU funded project coordinated by ENGSO and running over 30-months with a focus on social inclusion in relation to people who are at risk of exclusion, especially refugees. The ASPIRE project partnership has established how sports clubs can best support the inclusion of migrants and refugees, building on the wide popularity of sport and other forms of physical activity.

The conference was hosted by the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) in Frankfurt, Germany. It brought together a wide range of stakeholders, such as practitioners, experts and decision-makers from sport governing bodies, sport organisations, NGOs, foundations, think thanks, research institutes, universities and governments in the field of social inclusion through sport. EOSE was represented by Camille Demeulemeester, Project Officer.

After the opening message, delivered by the DOSB Vice President, the first part of the conference aimed to share expert and proven advice for success; and to facilitate exchange and raise awareness on the added value of sport in promoting sport for inclusion. Key scientific results, conclusions and recommendations on the potential, challenges and successes of sport as a context to help the social inclusion of migrants and refugees were presented.

Following the symposium, the group split up into workshop groups in order to discuss “on offering and sustaining suitable participation opportunities for migrants and refugees” and “developing sport for refugees as a priority in the organisation”. Workshops provided a fantastic opportunity to give the floor to the participants and gather all ideas and experiences about the way we need to tackle migrant issues in sport organisations.

Finally, a High-Level Panel Discussion was organised which gathered UNCHR Senior Refugee Sports Coordinator, UEFA Social Responsibility Manager, PRODYNA Chair of the Board and former refugees. This Panel Discussion aimed to share tools, experiences and create the opportunity to exchange about the better inclusion of refugees through sport. Main inputs from the panel included demonstrating how to open sports clubs to refugees and contribute to social inclusion through sport. Inspiring example were showcased such as the journey made so far by a former refugee, to now become a high level football referee.

SchweryCade Deputy Director Daniel Cade and ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh then concluded the ASPIRE Final Conference presenting the conclusions of the day and closing remarks.

Alongside the conference, on the following day, Camille Demeulemeester attended the ASPIRE Final Partner Meeting in order to exchange and debrief about the Conference, finalise the administrative process and celebrate the end of the project.

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